Creating the New Earth Together

“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” (Rev.22:13)

THE ORDINANCES OF HEAVEN are clearly set in the microcosm of the elements that comprise the material world of form. Between the vast macrocosm of galaxies, suns, planets and stars to the biosphere where light fashions plasma to shape an illusory world of matter and set in motion the symphonic drama of life on Earth and throughout the living Universe, I stand in awe of the majestic and thrilling show of colossal might and tender beauty breathing the Breath of Life in synchronous harmony before me and all around me . . . or as Walter Russell describes it: “a Cosmic cinema thrown upon the majestic screen of space.” The Kingdom of Heaven is truly at hand, as the Master Jesus proclaimed.

While my friend and colleague musician, Gary Courtland-Miles, takes us on a journey via a telescopic view of the cosmos with this short video, the background music of which he composed, I offer you in this series a view into the microcosm of the elements of matter— a consideration germane to an insight into our role in the process of transmutation of the entire earth. But first I invite you to enjoy this brief video and stirringly dramatic music.


Starting with ALPHANON, the highest elemental note of the first octave in a cycle of ten octaves, seven tones per octave, the substance of the elements that comprise the illusion of matter changes vibrational position, much like “musical chairs,” with one another. The cycle completes itself with OMEGANON in the tenth octave, only to begin another cycle. I will explore this phenomenal demonstration of cymatics in this post, for it is truly a classic model of the shaping of matter by vibration and sound — of the setting of the ordinances of heaven in the earth.

Another word for substance is essence — literally that which stands under as foundational to form and matter. Life is the substance of form, that which gives form existence, shape and movement. Energy is the substance of matter. The “Music of the Spheres” is the substance of the Cosmos.

We live in a Universe of Musical Motion. Form changes from one tonal “chair” to the next, only the one substance of light remains unchanged. . . as seen through the eyes and luciferous mind of Dr. Walter Russell, a genius in his day and many decades ahead of his time. He has opened my eyes to peer into a realm of our world that we as co-creators can afford to appreciate and encompass in our shared work of stewarding the emergence of the New Earth

(Click on images below to enlarge.) The elements of matter are an orderly and periodic accumulation and redistribution of energy. They are repetitive. When the two opposing charging and discharging dimensions equalize in the tenth octave, the cycle is completed and begins again. Omeganon is the end, which is Alphanon, the beginning.

* * *


* * *

All of the many seeming substances in this universe are but many different pressure conditions. These have been created by the interchange of two-way motion between two opposed poles of rest, which have been extended from the zero universe of knowing-Mind to simulate the multiple ideas of thinking-Mind.

Any form of matter becomes another form of matter if its pressure condition is changed. Nature perpetually changes one form of matter into another by perpetually changing its pressure conditions.

Every element in the entire periodic table is a transmutation from the preceding element of its cycle, from its beginning in zero to the ending of the entire ten octaves in the zero of its beginning.

The age of transmutation of the elements by man begins when he has full knowledge of the manner in which Nature transmutes one element into another.

* * *


For ages man has thought of matter as being substance. Posterity must learn to think of matter as motion only.

The senses of man have for such long eons told him of the many different substances which compose the universe. Therefore it will not be easy for him to make this transition.

The granite rock, the iron bar, the steel ship, and the many other substances which hurt him by too rough a contact, or burn him with their heat — or refresh him with their cool wetness — or nourish him with the meat of their bodies — or lend their bodies to him for the fashioning of countless things of his desiring — all these many things of seeming substance of earths and seas have told his senses of his apparently substantial body.

They have told him that matter is substance — and that it is real. It unquestionably exists. Objectivity of matter is the most obvious fact of the universe to man’s senses.

All down the ages the mystics have affirmed that the universe is but illusion, and that “there is no life, intelligence or substance in matter.” Abstract affirmations, however, are not convincing to either scientist or layman whose senses have taught him otherwise.

Unfortunately for the world, those who speak abstractly, and affirm without being able to explain dynamically, have been listened to with ears which could not hear that which had no meaning for them.

The time has now come, however, to give meaning to the inspired mystics and poets who have been illumined with inner knowledge which they found impossible to put into words for man. The foundation principle of the universe is utterly simple, but the simplest of stories is the hardest to tell.

It will not be easy for either the layman or the scientist to make the transition in his thinking from a universe of real and dependable substance to a substance-less-thought-wave universe of motion whose sole purpose is the recording of thought-imaginings. The result of such motion is to create a make-believe universe in which both substance and form are simulated by as many states of motion as there are simulated substances and forms in matter.

The scientist has not only divided matter into 92 different kinds of substances, but he has divided these 92 substances into atomic systems made up of many more minute particles of somewhere around twenty “primal” substances. These he calls electrons, protons, neutrons, antineutrons, antiprotons, photons, gravitons, mesons, kappa mesons, positive mu mesons, negative mu mesons, positive pi mesons, negative pi mesons, neutral pi mesons, tau mesons, positive v-particles, negative v-particles, neutral v-particles and so on, without an end as yet in sight of the many non-existent substances. They so convincingly act their parts in producing the mirages of substance in this universe that the greatest scientists of this world have not the slightest suspicion that the many different substances of matter are but different states of motion.

The reason for this great confusion is because scientific observers started out with the wrong premise from the very beginning. With an unwarranted belief given to the evidence of their senses, science — ever since Democritus — has been searching for an irreducible unit of matter which would account for the universe.

It never seems to have occurred to any of the great thinkers of the ages that Creation could not create itself. Just as the picture does not paint itself but must have its source in the painter, or as the poem cannot write itself but must also have its creator poet so, likewise, must this master-drama of cause and effect have its Creator Playwright who conceived the IDEA of Creation and gave it form.

One might as reasonably scrape to the bottom of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, The Last Supper. to find its primal pigment and its first brush stroke in the hope of finding the IDEA which the painting manifests, and its creator as well.

As neither the IDEA of Creation nor the Creator of it are in the pigment which painted the universal masterpiece and, likewise, as the primal pigment and first brush stroke were not the cause of the picture, one might search for countless ages without finding that for which he sought.

Having thus started out with the wrong premise regarding matter, and having passed on these wrong premises and assumptions through generations of teachings which have become traditions to their inheritors, it is not strange that the conclusions of science are as invalid as the premises upon which they have been founded.

Science is still searching for the primordial life principle in matter as eagerly as it has searched for the primordial substance from which other substances extend.

The time has come in man’s mental unfoldment when he must recognize that all IDEA is eternal in the zero equilibrium of the still magnetic Light of Universal Mind — which is God — and that IDEA is but manifested in motion of body forms by polarized cycles. These appear from the eternal zero and must disappear into that zero in order that they may reappear in endless cycles.

The layman, as well as the scientist, must think differently and express his thoughts with a greater understanding of Natural Law. The layman, for example, who says: “John is dead,” and thinks of John as being John’s body, is not expressing the facts of Natural Law.

John is not John’s body. John is not dead, nor can he die. The eternal John is an IDEA of Mind. His depolarized body is but one end of a longer cycle than the cycle of his incoming-outgoing breath, but not one whit different. His breathing will repolarize in another second, but his depolarized body will
take a longer period, just as the depolarized oak will repolarize again from its zero in its seed.

The scientist must also think in terms of polarity and use terms which have that connotation in them. I will give an example of my meaning by quoting a paragraph from The Scientific American, January, 1952:

“Even more confusing is the fact that all the mesons, pi and mu, undergo spontaneous disintegration.”

Why not say that they have become depolarized — or that they have attained their equilibrium — or that they have attained zero! The simple fact is that the motion which gave them seeming being has ceased. There is no such effect in Nature as “spontaneous disintegration.”

I will quote the rest of the same paragraph to call attention to the needless complexity of descriptive terminology which belief in substance seems to make necessary. It is as follows: “When left alone in free space, a positive or negative pi meson decays into a positive or negative mu meson and a neutrino within about 250-millionths of a second. Then the positive or negative mu meson decays into a positive or negative electron plus two neutrinos within about two-millionths of a second. The neutral pi meson also is unstable and decays into two gamma rays in a very short time indeed — about a hundred-millionth-of-a-millionth of a second.”

The above is a very complex and confusing way of saying that matter has disappeared by depolarization because motion has ceased. God’s universe consists solely of vibrating waves of two-way interchanging motion. Every effect in Nature is included in that simplicity. Any child will fully comprehend you when you tell him that sound is an effect caused by rapid vibrations. You can demonstrate it by plucking a harp string so that he can see that the sound is caused by rapid motion.

You do not even need to tell him that the sound ceases when the motion ceases. His common sense will tell him that.

If, however, you tell him the wire is composed of positive protons which decay into negative electrons in a 100-millionth of a second to produce sound, then the negative electrons decay into silence in another hundred-millionth of a second, he will look at you blankly and understand not one word of it.

All of these many named particles, which science thinks of as differently-charged substances, are all basically the same spiral units of motion. These are constantly being transformed from one condition to another, as each divided pair obeys the polarizing charge of gravity until it has completed the outward half of its journey to its reversal point of rest. It then returns as each one depolarizes and withdraws
within its fulcrum zero of rest.

Exactly the same thing is true of all of the elements. Science has given them 92 names and listed their many attributes, such as metals, metaloids and nonmetals — alkalis and acids — brittle and pliable — conductive and nonconductive — dense — liquid — soft –gaseous — and many other attributes.

To anyone, whether scientist or layman, a piece of iron, a piece of aluminum, and a lump of gold are three different metals which have always been and always will be just what they unquestionably are — three unalterably different substances.

Any other interpretation of them would be unthinkable.

That is the kind of thinking, however, which must be relegated to past ages. Mankind must henceforth learn to look upon matter as a transient motion-picture record of the idea which it simulates. For that is what it really is — a Cosmic cinema thrown upon the majestic screen of space. (From A NEW CONCEPT of the UNIVERSE)

I will continue this exploration of the world of elements in my next post. Until then,

Be love. Be loved.


CREDITS: The Temple of Light blog: (Go to this link to enjoy Gary’s inspiring presentation “The Silver Cord — Love Connects Everything.”

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