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Cynthia cited a passage in the Book of Acts describing the change that took place in Jesus’s disciples in the wake of His resurrection and ascension.

“. . . they emerged from the post-resurrection events infused with a clear and high sense of purpose, resolve, empowerment, and above all, the unshakable confidence that their Lord was still present with them — which at the imaginal level is undisputedly true. With their oars planted firmly in that kingdom, they moved forward to change the world.”

The problem with this account is the disciples didn’t tarry in Jerusalem, (i.e. a state of consciousness), until the Holy Spirit had fully come, as they were instructed to do by their Master. Instead they rushed out, led by impetuous Peter, and started dissipating the limited power they had healing the sick and working all sorts of “miracles,” speaking in tongues, even dual-location according to one account where a disciple was seen in two separate locations at the same time. The people marveled at what they saw. 

The power thusly dissipated, they all met the same end as their Master at the hands of the Romans. Peter was reportedly crucified, only upside down at his own request and out of respect for his Master of whom he still considered himself unworthy, having denied Him thrice.


Peter was never ordained by Jesus to be the leader of His disciples, nor the head of His church. Saint John the Beloved Disciple was that one. That entire passage in the Gospel of Matthew (16:13-20)
is a redaction by the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) inserted into Matthew’s account of that incident where Peter acknowledged Jesus as “the Christ, the Son of the Living God,” in response to which Jesus said “Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.” This revelation from the Father within was and is the “rock” and foundation of His church, composed then of those whom He had taught to “love one another as I have loved you” — in the Essene and Nazarene tradition — and who where sent in pairs to preach his gospel of love to all those who were hungry for the truth, and who welcomed them.

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John, the Beloved Disciple — to whom Jesus handed His mantle of authority and whom He ordained to lead and enfold His disciples and followers — specifically to finish the work He had initiated when he spoke those significant and historical words — the meaning and import of which biblical scholars to this day fail to grasp — to His mother: “Behold thy son,” and to “the disciple, whom He loved” standing by her along with a few other women, “Behold thy mother.” (John 19:26-27) — was exiled to the Greek island of Patmos, where he had his vision of “things which must shortly come to pass” and wrote
it all down in his Book of Revelation.

“The theologian Tertullian reported that John was plunged into a caldron of boiling oil but miraculously escaped unscathed. In the original apocryphal Acts of John, the apostle dies; however later translations assume that he ascended to heaven. Officially, the apostle’s grave is at Ephesus,” (Henry Chadwick, fact checked by The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica.)

To the human viewpoint from which Tertullian was considering Saint John’s survival and ascension to heaven, it was truly what is considered a “miracle.” From Saint John’s viewpoint, I surmise, it was simply a matter of taking complete control of his circumstance — a power he had acquired during his spiritual encounter and transformation — which included his own body temple. He had changed levels in his Father’s House of many mansions. I suspect that level was and is the Imaginal Realm of Causality from where he changed “the nature of reality in the outer world.” After all, John was, as we also are in reality, a creator being. 

Lloyd Arthur Meeker (1907-54), writing and teaching under his pen name “Uranda,” speaks to this event in some of his writings — in this passage specifically: “As the Illumined One was taken from the Isle of Patmos to die in the caldron of boiling oil, it is clear that this promise to him was not fulfilled during the Life on earth in which these words were spoken unto him: ‘Thou must prophesy AGAIN before many
peoples.’ [Rev. 10:11] Thus it is that John records for thee the picture of his next incarnation, which should be at the time of the end.

Uranda further writes — in lesson 69 of Steps to Mastership“those who hear what ‘the Spirit saith unto the churches’ are finding that the promise is now fulfilled. The Seventh Angel shall begin to sound as the entire world consciousness enters the King’s Chamber this coming September 1936. And as it is written in Revelation 10:7, so shall it be,  ‘But in the days of the Voice of the Seventh Angel,
when He shall begin to Sound, the Mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants, the prophets.’” 

It is believed by many that John the Beloved lived and ministered again in Uranda, who had his inspired vision and awakening to his purpose and ministry at the age of twenty-four during three days in the
“white light” of his own Divine Presence September 14 – 16, 1932. Uranda himself insinuates as much.

In her monumental historical work THE VIBRATIONAL ARK, Grace Van Duzen records Uranda’s words about his new name: “My name Uranda is of the language of the Motherland or the original Lemuria [a point of focus but not limited to one area on the face of the planet] synonymous with the biblical Garden of Eden, the original state of consciousness in which man was created. The literal meaning of the name Uranda is: ‘One who lets the light of Christ shine forth.'”

I will close with this excerpt from a service by Martin Exeter, Uranda’s successor as spiritual focus for Emissaries of Divine Light, which was founded by Uranda, along with Sunrise Ranch, which was established as the Headquarters for the ministry in 1945 in Eden Valley, Loveland, Colorado. 

“Light is always the first order of business in any particular cycle of the creative process. As long as it is allowed to work the way it works everything emerges as it should. It doesn’t matter that there is darkness, chaos, provided that there is space to permit the movement of the spirit of God, which is internal – it’s not somewhere else – upon the face of this present state of affairs. Then there begins to come light. It is your experience of the focused movement of this spirit on the face of the substance of chaos in you that has permitted the dawning of light, so that something might be seen that wasn’t seen before. And this first seeing relates to heaven.”  (Man in the Purified Heaven, Martin Exeter, January 11, 1987

* * *

I will continue with this series of explorations into the imaginal in my next entry. I welcome any thoughts and insights you may have and wish to share. Until then,

Be love. Be love.


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