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Loving the “Lord thy God”

What does loving the “Lord thy God” entail? What does it mean to love God with all of one’s heart, and with all of one’s mind, and with all of one’s strength? A deeper question yet: Who is the “Lord thy God”?  If this is the first and great commandment – which, presumably, precedes the second one that commands we love our neighbor as our self – then it seems important, even essential, that we know what the first commandment means and entails.

For me – the only one I can speak for – it entails coming to know oneness with the Lord that I am and identifying with my divine Self.  It hasn’t always been that way with me. I was brought up to believe that God was separate from who I am.  I developed a strong pattern of love response for this image of God that I had fabricated in my mind based on what I was taught in my youth: that God was separate from me, up in His heaven, and so I prayed to and came to love this God with all of my heart and all of my mind and with all of my strength.  While it felt good and lifted my consciousness up a bit to love some divine being who is supposedly much greater than me, it really never felt honest, nor complete. I always felt that I was being attracted to something or someone outside of myself, “up there” somewhere.

Awakening to the truth of the matter was galvanizing for me. There is no one “up there” outside of myself. There is only who and what I Am here and now.  In the Biblical story of Moses’s encounter with God on Mount Sinai – or Jehovah as God was known to the Israelites – when Moses asked God for his name, God answered “I AM THAT I AM.” God is the Essence of existence in all forms of life. He is the I AM is all things living, including human beings. That is your and my identity as one made in the image and likeness of God, a son or daughter of God. It is the identity of each one of us as individual expressions of God. Accept it. BE it and love it with all of your heart, mind and strength. Give it expression in your daily living in acts of kindness and appreciation. Then you cannot but love your neighbor as your very Self because your neighbor is your very Self.

The truth is simple. We are divine beings incarnate in human forms. Why have we made it so complicated in our theological doctrines and religious dogmas?  Perhaps it is because you can’t sell the truth.  You can only sell doctrines and dogmas as truth, which makes them mere beliefs in and about the truth. When one comes to know the truth one is set free from his or her beliefs and moves beyond them into the experience of one’s true divine Self: one with God, one with neighbor, one with All.  So is it. So let it be.

Be love. Be loved.


The “Jesus of History” Vs the “Jesus of Faith” part 3:2 – Experiencing the Source

“Jars of spring water are not enough anymore. Take us down to the river.”—Rumi

Christianity, as it was conceived and brought forth as a religion–initially by the Jewish Zealots at the time of Jesus and three decades later by Constantine and the Council of Nicaea–interrupted a cycle of restoration that Jesus initiated with his life of unconditional love and compassion. In that sense, it was and is a failure. The kingdom of heaven remains only a belief, a concept in human consciousness, a place to go to after we die, but nevertheless a largely unrevealed reality behind the manifest world of human existence. I say “largely” because the Natural World continues to manifest the glorious revelation of the kingdom of heaven on Earth, especially in the spring. In a word, what we long for and seek is to go beyond belief and into a personal experience of God. This the Christian religion has failed to deliver. We’ve had to find it on our own by way of various transformational spiritual paths.

It also interrupted a much larger cycle of spiritual evolution that began with Abraham, the great patriarch of Judaism, and the children of Abraham, the nation of Israel. It ended with the collapse of Egypt as the world center of religion, mysticism and esoteric knowledge.

Actually, the cycle initiated with Abraham ended with the fall of King Solomon’s reign and empire. He had gathered and united many empires under one by taking their princesses and queens as wives, of which he simply had more than he could placate and still maintain stewardship of the cycle he was bringing to a potentially victorious climax and completion. His was a classic example, yet again, of the Man being distracted by  the Woman to the abandonment of his purpose in the divine scheme of restoration, a repetition of the same pattern of failure enacted by the parents of the human race in the Garden of Eden–a pattern that continues to be enacted between the men and women to this day. But not all was lost.

I ended the last post on a transitional note marking the end of the Egyptian era and the beginning of the Christian era. In this post, I will take a look at this transitional period and see how something great and significant did come out of Egypt besides Jesus, the Messiah. I will continue sharing religious historian Michael Baigent’s thought-provoking perspectives from his extensively researched book The Jesus Papers—Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History.

The Hermetic Texts

The Egyptian priests sought to preserve their secrets by learning the Greek language in which they wrote an entire collection of wisdom texts that circulated under the name Hermes, but for which they drew their essentials from Egyptian tradition. This collection of literature was attributed to the ancient Egyptian god Thoth, aka “Hermes Trismegistus” in the late classical world. Baigent raps up this chapter with this insightful overview of the Hermetic roots of Western civilization and of the pagan roots of Christianity:

Above all, and of most relevance to our investigation, the Hermetic concept of man is “as a cosmic rather than a terrestrial being.'” The Greek gold plate (see the previous post) put it well: “My race is of Heaven [alone].”

A particular value of this Hermetic literature is that, despite its late production, it comes from the very source of the mysteries of the ancients and so can be used as a lens through which to view the earlier texts, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of their true concerns.” Significantly, at the very heart of the Hermetic texts is the concept of mystical initiation: “Then he [Poimandres] sent me forth, empowered and instructed on the nature of the universe and on the supreme vision.”

It is still more curious that the production of these books of Hermes began about the time of Jesus and paralleled the rise of Christianity. At the end of the second century A.D., Clement, the Christian bishop of Alexandria, referred to them as “containing the whole philosophy of the Egyptians.” The pagan philosopher Iamblichus, writing a little later, was also aware of their importance: “Our ancestors dedicated the inventions of their wisdom to this deity, inscribing all their own writings with the name of Hermes.'”

This collection of texts . . . has had an enormous and incalculable effect upon the Western mind. It is fair to say that the Western world would not have developed as it did without them. Science itself might never have evolved without the impetus given by men and women enamored of these works. For they were rediscovered in the Renaissance and translated by Marsilio Ficino about 1463 at the behest of the wealthy Florentine banker Cosimo de Medici.

(For a review of the Hermetic Principles that have come down us—such as the principle of cause and effect—and the most often quoted: “As above so below; as below so above”—visit this website:

Going Home NOW

We all want to return Home—some of us, myself included, would like to be able to do so now while we breathe the air of this world. Our prodigal sojourn on Earth has left us hungering and thirsting for Home—for eternal life. And we will go Home, even if we have to die to get there. This belief that one has to die in order to go to heaven is central to Christian doctrine. The only trouble is Heaven is not “there.” It is here, waiting to be revealed where we are, here on planet Earth—where we’ve rather made a hell of a mess. For this reason alone, going Home has been an escape, or at least a reprieve, from our miserable plight.

Herein lies part of the deception hidden within the “Greatest Cover-Up in History” Michael Baigent has boldly brought to the fore for our critical examination and honest review. The truth has been adulterated with fabricated lies and what has been handed down as “truth” has been horded and sold to the faithful by a false priesthood. Baigent speaks to this here:

No one individual, no culture, no civilization, has a monopoly on truth. For this reason, we should not make the mistake of thinking that the techniques of entering the Far-World were known only to the Egyptians or the Greeks. The gates to the Far-World have always been open to those whose world-weary longing draws them across the divide.

And there were few more world-weary than those who came to be baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist, a unique event that even Catholic editors of the Jerusalem bible consider to be an initiation. Was this perhaps the true meaning of John’s statement, “The kingdom of heaven is close at hand?” (Matthew 3:2)

Jacob’s Ladder

This doorway to heaven has been sought after throughout the history of mankind. Bagent cites the story of Jacob’s ladder in the Old Testament as an example. If you recall the story, Jacob had a dream of a great ladder connecting heaven and earth with angels ascending and descending on it.  Upon awakening from his dream, he realizes that he is in a sacred place and, externalizing his dream, he exclaims: “This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.” He then proceeded to build an altar with stone and he called the place “Bethel” which means “the house of God.” (Genesis 28: 10-19)  What he didn’t realize was that the ladder and “gate of heaven” were not out there but within himself, as was the dream.

Now, the context of this story as Baigent tells it has to do with “sacred sites.” There are places on the surface of the Earth that are known even today as being “sacred” by reason of their vibrational frequency and their historical significance to ancient civilizations, such as Stone Hinge and Easter Island, to name just two of many such places on Earth where the veil between heaven and earth seems to be very thin. Jacob may have well been in one such high place. This veil, of course, is within the individuals who make pilgrimages to these sacred sites. The energy of such places is such that it impacts the individuals’ electromagnetic biosphere raising their vibratory frequency to a height where they experience an intensification of energy. The “house of God” is none other than the body temple itself.  I know this is true from personal experience in such a sacred place where the energetic field was rare and uplifting. For me, it was a direct experience of God—of my own divine Self.

In this sense, Baigent is astute in saying “there are places where the Far-World and the terrestrial world are linked—places that serve as the perfect conduit between the two worlds.”

I resonate with his interpretation of Jacob’s dream:

More significantly, Jacob’s “dream” is better understood as a vision, and one that teaches us a number of important things. Perhaps the most crucial lesion lies in the report of angels “ascending and descending.” This is clearly a symbolic demonstration that the link between heaven and earth is dynamic, that the divine qualities are constantly flowing to and fro (underscore mine). This expresses the idea we have already seen in Egypt that the Far-World and the terrestrial world are intimately—and dynamically—interlinked. This is proof, should we need it, that Jacob’s vision emerged from a living tradition of which this Old Testament report is just a fragment, a glimpse of the lush landscape of the promised land.

The Way was Blocked

Throughout the Old Testament, Baigent suggests, the link between the two worlds is portrayed as being broken, making the passage to and fro difficult if not impossible.

“. . . angelic beings with flaming swords block the entrance to the Garden of Eden; Jacob is not encouraged to climb the ladder to heaven. Religious administrators had apparently taken over the tradition and restricted its message about the pathway to the Far-World—much as Vatican strongmen did later with regard to the teachings of Jesus.

More accurately, the angels with flaming swords, according to the story, only blocked access to the Tree of Life. We must remember that this is a metaphorical story told and written down by Moses. We have no written record of what actually happened. The point the author is making, I believe, is that the way to the kingdom of heaven has been obstructed and access barred to the uninitiated.

There’s an event in the Gospel of Matthew (23:13) where Jesus rebukes the false priesthood of the Temple: “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.”

But how did they “shut up the kingdom of heaven?” And what was their understanding of the nature of the kingdom of heaven? Was it the Far-World of Egyptian/Judaic mysticism? And what “kingdom of heaven” was Jesus referring to?

Baptism, a Pagan Ritual

This concept of the intimate relationship between heaven and earth along with the crossing over to the Far-World was huge in Egyptian tradition, which left its mystical mark on Judaism. A second influence came from Babylon during the Babylonian exile, when King of Babylon, Nebchadnezzar, “seized and captured Jerusalem in 587 B.C. and deported the Jewish king, along with thousands of people. Many others fled into exile in Egypt.”

We can see, for example, the Babylonian rite of baptism as the origin of the Jewish practice of purification before rituals, the aim being to separate the person from the terrestrial world while at the same time establishing a pure relationship with the divine world.

This pagan rite is enacted in the Christian culture as a sacrament, only for a different and fabricated purpose: to wash away the stigma of “original sin,” a sin that was allegedly committed by Adam and Eve, both of whom are fictitious characters created by the author of the Book of Genesis to represent our first parents. This is all part of the hidden agenda Baigent is seeking to expose. There was no actual “original sin” committed by Adam and Eve. It was a story, an allegory, brought forward by Christianity as a means of bringing the faithful into submission to the Church’s rules and requirements for admission to the kingdom of heaven after they die. The reality is we are born into this world not with original sin on our souls but, to borrow a phrase from Catholic prelate and author Matthew Fox, with “original innocence.”

We all worship One God

The Jewish calendar also derives from a system used by the later Babylonians. Even the traditional incantation bowls used by Jewish rabbis were of Babylonian origin. The Babylonian Talmud too has medical information from earlier Babylonian lore, and Babylonian astrological texts have been found to have been used by Jewish groups as well. Even the belief in one god, which carried over into Christianity and Islam, has been seen by some scholars as deriving from ancient Mesopotamia: the name of the god of the Assyrians, Ashur (Assur), means the “One,” the “Only,” the “Universal God.”

It appears, then, that Islam and Christianity worship the same One God.

Mesopotamian influence can also be detected in the origin of the Tree of Life, now the backbone of the mystical Jewish practice known as the Kabbalah. The notorious “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” in the Book of Genesis of the Old Testament also has its roots in the very early oral mythological teachings of humans well before the invention of writing.  The story of Ezekiel also comes out of Babylon and suggests that Ezekiel may have been involved with the esoteric mysteries of Egypt as an initiate himself. So, much of our Judeo-Christian heritage comes from pagan religions.

I will leave it there for now. In my next post I will give in depth consideration of the Book of Enoch. Until then,

Be love. Be loved


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Apocalypse of Light 2013, Part 5: Questions Answered, page 3 Cosmic Education


The New World Dictionary defines genius as “a great natural ability (for a particular activity); strong disposition or inclination . . . a great mental capacity and inventive ability; esp., great and original creative ability in some art, science, etc.”  The word’s derivation traces back to a belief the Romans had that everyone is given a guardian spirit (genius) at birth; the implication being that this “genie” compels us in our achieving and creative endeavors. Its Latin root is genere, which means to produce.  

Walter Russell

Walter Russell

Walter Russell’s genius came directly from God, as all genius does. His was a “cosmic education.”  In THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD, Russell answers specific questions relating to genius and particularly to knowing God directly. In the following excerpt, he offers his perspective on book-learning and modern education. When he speaks of God being his teacher, he is actually speaking about his “genie” or guardian spirit, who is, in reality, his divine Self. As a poet once wrote: “God is so close as not even to be near.”


Q. Do you advise against reading, studying, and our modern education?  

A. I certainly do not. The reason this question was asked is because I happened not to have been brought up that way. All my life I have known God in me, and when I wanted knowledge I was immediately aware that I had it. God had given it to me as He gives it to all people. So God became my teacher. For that reason I had no need for books or schools or universities.My education was cosmically acquired because I knew God in me. Knowledge can be acquired cosmically if one really knows God in one instead of abstractly believing it without knowing it. It is really easier to acquire it by the hard effort of sensing it through the physical body.

Q. How could you, know such things as chemistry that way. Did you not have to study books to make your chemistry charts?  

A. I could not have made my chemistry charts if I had studied books or taken a university course. No books or universities had that knowledge, for it had not yet come into the world. Also I would have been bound by the traditions of yesterday’s errors of thinking by accepting them as truths, as most students do when they read the works of “authorities” and listen to older teachers to whom they attribute great knowledge.

 Q. How can a person acquire a cosmic education? How can he KNOW things just out of the blue?

A. It is not “just out of the blue” as you say. You, of course, mean the invisible universe. All knowledge is of the invisible universe. That is what I mean by the universe of knowing.

We are all being educated cosmically to some extent, whether we know it or not. Our inspirations come that way. Our inspirations are God’s whisperings to us in His universal language of Light. If desire for knowledge is in our hearts or we write that desire upon our hearts, we will have that knowledge just as sure as the sun goes down over the horizon at night. We are getting it that way gradually during our whole journey from the jungle to the mountain top. If the Light comes slowly, it is because the desire is weak and belief too vague and abstract.

Education is not just stamping upon your memory all of the things that you have read in books. If that is all that happens, you have been made into automatons that are little better than machines. You would repeat records that phonographs can repeat in the same way. If you study music that way and are only a technician, there is no music in you, there is nothing of the spiritual in your knowing.

But if you have taken the skill and information that you have acquired in school from your teachers and you have let it sink into your very Soul, then you have art in you. You have then made the great transition from sensing to knowing which makes geniuses out of those who would otherwise be mechanicians.

 Q. You said that when you desired knowledge, you were immediately aware that you had it. Does God give knowledge that wayinstantly?  

A. Yes, but not as you understand it by the way you stated it. We have all knowledge in us. It centers us. It is our inheritance. The Light of our Selves IS all knowledge. We become aware of it gradually as we desire it. We recollect it as we desire it.

Just as the whole of the tree is in its seed before it unfolds, so is the whole of man in man’s seed. Likewise, all knowledge is in the Light which centers man. It unfolds as man desires its unfoldment.

We are all being cosmically educated to the extent that we so desire to be thus educated. The trouble is that mankind has not yet become sufficiently aware of his oneness with God. He is not willing to believe that he can actually commune with God as Self and Self. He thinks of God as outside of himself, as a Deity so superior to himself and so outside of himself that he believes direct contact is impossible.

Q. You actually believe we can contact God directly?

A. Most assuredly I do. How can you reconcile the teachings of universal oneness in the Light to any belief of separateness, or the “crawling worm” and “miserable sinner” attitude of those who cannot think of God as a moment-to-moment companion?

 Q. Is that what you mean by a cosmic education — that you are actually taught what you know directly by our heavenly Father?

A. Most assuredly, yes. You ask that as though you think it strange! Why should the unity between the Creator and His Creation be strange? The moment you actually KNOW of your oneness with your Father in heaven, you KNOW that the kingdom of heaven is within you.

Q. What relation should our school education be to Our cosmic education?

A. Your school and university education must be the foundation or basis of your cosmic education. When you read a book for an hour, ask yourself about it for another hour. Think it over. Ask it of your Inner Self. Something in you will tell you whether it is truth. Knowing-Mind does not register untruth. It registers only truth. Whatever you read that is not in accord with Natural Law will eliminate itself. You will not be able to recognize it as truth so your Consciousness will refuse to accept it.

A school education is necessary for cultural reasons. I do not decry it. I say you must have it, but I had to go faster. I had to demonstrate power for the purposes of giving this Message of The Divine Iliad to the world, to accelerate the spiritual awakening which is now taking place, and for laying new foundations for religion and science. 

Q. How can we apply our school and university training to our cosmic training?

A. By developing your creative faculties as you acquire encyclopedic information. Demonstrate in practice what you learn from books and teachers. Memories stored upon the brain are electrically alive. They are like little entities which want to be heard by being repeated. Make use of them. . . .

The person whose desire is keen in him to do something, and starts doing that thing — learning how to do it in the doing of it — will be the one who will become a master, and no other. 

That person is the genius. The outer human self finds excuses as to why he can’t do something, a common one being “I don’t know how.” The genius says “I can do that” and will prove it by doing it, learning how while doing it.  

Of course, we can only do that which is in us to do. We can only give that which we have. I’ll share more of Walter Russell’s wisdom in my next post.  Until then,

Be Love.  Be loved.

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