Creating the New Earth Together

Orion, Pleiades and the Ordinances of Heaven, page 2

Horsehead Nebula in the Orion Constellation

IN THE STORY IN GENESIS, as written by Moses, The LORD God saw that the man was alone and did not have a helpmate. I would propose that it was the LORD God who wanted to be present with Man on Earth, and that is why He created Woman, giving her a physical form, a tabernacle for Spirit to dwell on the physical plane of being. Perhaps it was all just a legend couched in a parable to which those hearing it at that time could easily relate. Who knows how things actually were in the Garden of Eden, as we have virtually no record of that time? Perhaps it was as well that there was not a physical form embodying the Feminine Principle in human flesh until such was created.

According to the story, a deep sleep came over Adam and the LORD God took a rib from his side and out of it created Eve. It may likely have been his left side, close to his heart — or even where the Pancreas rests protected by the rib cage. The left side is our receiving side, or side of perception and feeling. Feelings are for perceiving things vibrational, for perceiving the spiritual nature of what is coming into one’s creative field. What is present there vibrationally will determine the quality of spiritual expression needed to meet the situation at hand. Someone who comes to you in a spirit of friendship, for instance, would be more openly received than someone who comes at you with obvious intent to hurt you. Or, one situation may call for patience at one point in its development and action at another.

   This is also reflected in the physiological role the Pancreas plays as a digestive organ. The nature of the food mixture coming out of the stomach will determine the chemical mixture which is secreted by the pancreas into the duodenum to begin the process of absorption.  This mixture of digestive enzymes and alkaline juices, as I have indicated, has to be appropriate for the kind of meal that was consumed, bringing with it elements for the ongoing processes of rebuilding and daily maintenance.  So the Pancreas truly brings to focus the Spirit of Blessing in many ways.

The responsive feminine vibration, then, is to be wooed and courted and enticed to come forth and open to the Beloved, at the gentle but sure command of love, in his positive masculinity, in order to create a womb-like setting and atmosphere for the impregnation of the seeds of spirit planted into the womb of the nurturing feminine.

The Song of Solomon (5:2-4) says it so beautifully and poetically: 

      I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night….  My beloved put his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him.

   In conclusion then, the feminine vibration is a welcoming, nurturing vibration for the Being of God.  The masculine is the loving, caring, achieving vibration for the creative work each God Being came on earth to accomplish.  These two aspects of the Creative Process work together to bring forth and nurture the living forms in the Garden.  This was our purpose from the very beginning: “to dress and to keep.”  That purpose is known to the extent  there is love in the hearts of men and women for one another, held there by their utter and complete love for the LORD God and concern to accommodate the Beloved with a home in this world.         

      If the heart of a man, for instance, can rest safely in the protective surround of a woman’s responsive love, and she protects his heart from emotional turmoil, then he is freed up, loosed, in his endeavors of achievement.  Orion is loosed.  And if the man’s encompassment is large enough to “have and to hold” the woman who nurtures his very being—because his mind, symbolized by Orion, is one pointedly focused in stewarding the Creative Process by which the Lord God brings forth creation in this world, a process which requires a womb for conception, gestation and birth, then the sweet influences of Pleiades in the sweet heart of the woman are bound by his love.  They are bound to serve the supreme love of his heart, who is the Beloved of them both.  When these two aspects are in place and working together as one, the magic of creation unfolds moment by moment.  Great blessings can pour out of heaven and into the earth.  There is an outpouring of the Spirit of Blessing.

   To the extent that these two aspects of Man are not in place, great tribulation is known in the world of humanity, and consequently in the larger natural world in the Earth. Eden is thus betrayed.  The curse of disease and death is known in the body of mankind rather than the sweetness and benevolence of life.  In such an atmosphere of defilement the Lord cannot be in his temple with his creation on earth.  Let men and women return to their natural roles as partners in co-creation, then see if they will not be opened as windows of heaven through which great blessings are poured out into the earth, “that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”   This describes what is called the “outpouring of the Holy Spirit.” 

This outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the facility designed and created for that purpose is the result of a heart that overflows with love for the Beloved. As David’s twenty-third psalm beautifully says, “my cup runneth over.”

The heart, as we saw above, is focused at the fourth level of being in the Thymus, where the spirit of purification is at work purifying the heart and cleansing the temple of impurities. Out of the purified heart pours forth the substance of perfect love. This substance of love pours out into the third level below, the domain of the Spirit of Blessing, and begins to fill this level as well. When this level is full of the substance of love, it overflows itself into the second level of the mental plane, where the Spirit of the Single Eye holds the Adrenal glands in phase and in focus, and the second level in turn overflows with the substance of love into the first level of the physical plane, the domain of the Spirit of the New Earth focused in the reproductive glands of the Gonads. Finally, the first level pours out the substance of love into the circumstance at hand and, when the circumstance is filled with this substance of love, it begins to move on out into the larger creative field.

Thus does the process by which the Blessing which Man is here to bring unfold. It pours out through a cup that overflows with love. It is the only way it can work. One cannot somehow leap over one’s own body-mind and heart and immediate circumstance to pour out a blessing into the world at large. As the song says, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

I welcome your thoughts, realizations and insights. Until my next post,

Be love. Be loved.



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