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Love, an Antigravity Force

“True love demands sacrifice, because true love is a transforming force and is really the birth-pangs of union on a higher plane.” –Anonymous¹

OUR HUMAN FAMILY has not been under so much pressure as it is now for some time. Listening to all the reports on the state of our planet’s shifting ecology, we are in the throes of an existential crisis—at least existence as we’ve known it in our lifetime.  Like a house of cards blown by a wind, our “civilized” world is collapsing around us, as though clearing the space for something new.  Will we go down in history as yet another lost civilization, or will we ascend to a higher level of consciousness and create a more balanced and sustainable world?  A heaven on earth?

The answer to that question lies largely in the polarity of our orientation, and with what tonal frequency we resonate at a spiritual level in our hearts.  What vibrational tone moves us, and in what direction?  What do we most value and love?  Because we will dance to the music that resonates in our hearts and go in the direction of that which we love, that with which we desire union.  What is it that my soul longs to know oneness with? 

The simple answer to such a longing is to be found in the directive of the Master Jesus, what has become well known as The Two Great Commandment:  “Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all of thy heart, and with all of thy mind, and with all of thy strength.” With all of one’s heart, mind and body.  Nothing held back.  “And the second is like unto the first: thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”  In these two directives, as I would call them, lie the sacred path of ascension. 


We are all blessed by our friendships.  I’ve been blessed and privileged to share a brief but potent time of Attunement every morning with a dear friend and colleague long distance.  We’ve known each other for over twenty years now and I’ve come to love him as a brother . . . and I can say as myself because he exemplifies to me qualities that I know are true of my own inner Self, primarily unconditional love and acceptance of me just the way I am . . . which has inspired me to love and accept myself, and others, unconditionally.  This has been my experience over the years with all my friends and attunement colleagues.  So much love and appreciation has been expressed by so many.  

The current of love that flows between my friend and myself seems to have grown more intense and substantial over the years.  This past year the Attunement Current has been increasingly more intense and has become a powerfully magnetic force that has had an uplifting impact on my physical body, as though every cell is being drawn up into an ascending current of magnetic energy.   

While the Attunement Current in itself is a powerful healing force — healing in the literal sense of mending back together that which has been fragmented and separated from the whole — there are powerful cosmic forces on the move “out there” which are having enormous impact on us and on all life forms on the planet.  While we call this force the Attunement Current, it is the magnetic current of love that is increasing in its manifestation through human hearts the world over, interestingly more so since this viral pandemic has disrupted “business as usual” in human affairs. 

It’s as though a Great Pause has been ordered in the Music of the Spheres here on Earth by the Great Conductor as a new score in the symphony of Life awaits the downward beat of the Conductor’s Baton, and the orchestral musicians are poised in eager readiness to play the first notes in their score together with one magnificent and harmonic transforming sound.  One can hear the cacophony of instruments tuning as the pure sound of the oboe plays the tonal A 440.  We can even hear an Overture  pre-sounding in the heaven of consciousness.  The Song Celestial is about to be played and sung on Earth.  It’s time to finetune our instruments of body, mind and heart with the Tone of Love. 

When I see and hear musicians playing their instruments and singing in concerts, I see angels of sound come down out of the Realms of Light to bring heavenly music to Mankind and to this beautiful planet.  Last night we attended a Christmas Concert presented by the Masterworks Chorale I sang with for several years, now back from a long pause due to this pandemic.  It was so good to hear these angels singing their sweet and glorious songs, especially the children’s choir and the brass ensemble.  Christmas music  is my favorite tradition each year.   God bless all musicians, who have come together in choirs and orchestras the world around, finding one another and regrouping to offer their musical gifts to the world, sorely in need of such upliftment at this time of trial and tribulation. 

I’m thinking of our neighbors up in the Midwest who are in anguish in the wake of devastating multiple tornado strikes that tore through several states last night from Arkansas through Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee, leaving death and unprecedented destruction in its 250 mile path, and so many homeless in cold winter nights.  They will be having a different Christmas this year as they help one another recover and rebuild, along with hundreds who have come from other areas to lend a hand.  There is so much goodwill in human hearts.  People come together in hard times.  We are so blessed to live in such a world of generous and caring friends and neighbors.  God bless us all, as Tiny Tim exclaimed in that wonderful Christmas Story.  Let us gather in Rumi’s field of no right doing or wrong doing and offer a prayer for those whose worlds have been so suddenly upended. 

I will leave you with this timely video that was shared on Facebook this week by a friend.   



Here we are.  Let the New World be born through all of us together.  Everything we do matters.  Until my next post,

Be Love.  Be loved.


¹ Anonymous:  From The Recapitulation of the Lord’s Prayer written anonymously and published by a 20th Century British contemplative, a student of the Russian philosopher P. D. Ouspensky.  I borrowed this “mystical gem” from Cynthia Bourgeault’s beautiful book THE WISDOM JESUS.


“Pyramid Power” Page 2: Legacy of the Ancients

PyramidsThe ancient prophecies do not speak of a worldwide extinction—they foretell a coming Golden Age. Even better, we have now found a significant number of technical details in the Great Pyramid’s measurements—including the earth’s exact size, the precise length of a year, the distance from the earth to the Sun, various planetary dimensions, star alignments, the precession of the equinoxes—suggesting its builders may have also been responsible for seeding the ancient world myths and prophetic religious teachings themselves.  What if the pyramid structure itself was part of the Message we were supposed to inherit?  Could it be a working technology—utilizing a science we have not yet rediscovered on a mainstream level?    __Wilcock


We have to hand it to the Russian scientists for their pursuance of pyramid power.  The Russians are historically known for their huge, passionate hearts, so I’m not surprised to read about their exploration of pyramid power in David Wilcock’s book The Source Field Investigations.  It is, after all, a unique capacity of the heart to understand the finer essences of spiritual things, and pyramid power is very much rooted in spiritual technology, using that word in its scientific sense as vibrational.

 Vibrational things are vibrationally understood . . . that is, before they are mentally comprehended, and sometimes without mental comprehension.  Understanding comes before logic and reason, and often goes against logic and reason. In short, unlike Western scientists who listen to brain logic and reason rather than heart intuition, the Russians have it—heart, that is— and apparently understood the significance of the Egyptian’s use of the pyramids they inherited from ancient civilizations and used to their advantage.  That’s why they have pyramid technology and we don’t.

Yes, I said “inherited,” because the Egyptians are not likely the ones who built the pyramids at Giza.  They simply didn’t have the physical capability nor the technological skills to achieve such a monumental feat . . . and they are monuments in the literal sense of the word, a legacy of the Ancients.

 The pyramids at Giza were built way before the Egyptians came on the scene. Some estimate between 12,500 and 50,000 years for the Great Pyramid, possibly built after the Deluge in Noah’s day. The smaller pyramids were likely built later.  The Great Pyramid of Giza appears to be the bearers of important messages to our civilization from prehistoric times, encoded into their physical dimensions by the Ancients who came here, possibly to seed life itself on this planet, from a more evolved star system in the Universe.  Wilcock concludes:

Clearly, the Great Pyramid is a magnificent architectural marvel, and appears to be far beyond our current technological capabilities. Some people may have realized that and were inspired by it many hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. Whether it was built by an advanced ancient civilization, extraterrestrial gods or both, the Great Pyramid may have been built to contain all the information we would need to understand the coming Golden Age—and perhaps even to help create that “New Earth” its individual architects may have foreseen.  

[When you have an extra hour and forty-two minutes to spare, you will enjoy this fascinating and detailed YouTube documentary by Jacques Crimault  entitled The Revelation of the Pyramids.  You’ll learn some surprising things about the Great Pyramid of Giza, such as the realization that it has not four sides but eight, a revelation that surfaced in a photograph of  the Great Pyramid during an Autumnal Equinox.  Seeing is quite believing.]


Actually, the rediscovery of pyramid power dawned with the “pyramid movement” of the 1970’s when a story, which was told in many of the pyramid books at the time, of a Frenchman named Antoine Bovis, who claimed he had visited the Great Pyramid in the early twentieth century where he, according to the legend, “found a garbage can in the King’s Chamber with corpses of cats and other small animals in it . . . perfectly dried out and mummified . . . .”   Well, it turns out the story was concocted by other authors who misinterpreted Bovis’s work.

What actually occurred is that “Bovis built a thirty-inch wooden model of the Great Pyramid at his home in France, and claimed to have mummified a dead cat by leaving it in the King’s Chamber position.”  Then, through some “armchair reasoning and occult experiments,” speculated how the Egyptians might have mummified their king’s corpse by simply putting it in the sarcophagus and letting the pyramid power do all the work.

According to a Danish skeptic, Jens Laigaard, who was told by a former director of the Egyptian National Museum in 1999 that there was never such a garbage can in the King’s Chamber, the legend may not have been a complete hoax.

Thousands of people have tried leaving various foodstuffs inside a pyramid, and they’ve advanced numerous assertions that pyramid power can preserve fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit and milk. Cut flowers, treated by the energy, will by all accounts keep their color and fragrance. Moreover, coffee, wine, liquor and tobacco are said to give off a more appetizing aroma after a turn in a pyramid. 

But that’s not all . . .

In the 1950’s, a radio engineer in Prague by the name of Karel Drbal, successfully repeated Bovis’s “occult experiments” proving the technology actually worked by preserving “quite nicely” several different animal cadavers.  “Drbal  concluded that ‘there is a relation between the shape of the space inside the pyramid and the physical, chemical and biological processes going on inside that space’—though he wasn’t sure why this was happening.”   He was also the first to “allegedly discover” that dull razor blades could be sharpened by placing them in a cardboard pyramid which he constructed. Derbal was awarded Czechoslovakian patent number 91304 for the “Cheops Pyramid Razor Blade Sharpener. In fact, this product was still being manufactured out of Styrofoam when Lyall Watson wrote about it in his excellent 1973 book Supernature.”  Watson also repeated Debal’s original experiment with eggs, rump meat and dead mice to discover that the pyramid power did indeed work.  

Phenomenal experiments like this have been conducted in pyramid structures throughout the Eastern world with astonishing outcomes.  

Many magnificent pyramids appear throughout Egypt and South America—and new research suggests there may also be pyramids in Bosnia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Russia and China, among others, though most of them (except for the ones in China) are covered with dirt, trees and other vegetation—making them harder to spot. Some of them may also be natural mountains that were sculptured into a pyramid shape.  The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun would be over twice the size of the Great Pyramid, and the geometric symmetry of this unusual, mountainous area is very compelling. [New evidence indicates that it dates back to 25,000 years.]


This raises a few questions: Why all the independent ideas on the part of various cultures to build pyramids out of enormously heavy stone blocks too big for even our best cranes to lift thirty and forty stories off the ground without toppling over? What was motivating them to invest so much time and energy into building them? And how did they build them?  What sort of technology would lift multiton stones and fit them so closely together that even a razor blade cannot to this day be inserted between them? Perhaps the puzzle will begin coming together as we explore the mysteries of what the pyramids can actually do . . . but even more, what those who built them knew how to do.  So, let’s get started . . . and this will take a couple of posts. First, let’s learn how the stones were lifted in building the pyramids.


This will be a new concept to some, so let go of what you think you already know about “Newton’s Law of Gravity,” for what we see is not all that’s at work.  You see, there are two opposing forces constantly at work in Nature. One force, gravity, is pulling atoms and molecules “down” toward the magnetic center of the earth while the other force, levity, is pushing them up and out away from the center of the earth toward a cosmic force field enveloping the earth and all heavenly bodies.  Trees exemplify this principle quite simply and beautifully.  The tree is held on the surface of the planet by gravity while the sap is lifted up into the tree by levity.  To accomplish this feat, Nature provides a mechanism called “gravity shielding.”  Birds and insect wings have this same mechanism as the trees.  

Now, the force of gravity is stronger than the force of levity, so the key to levitating an object is to shield it from the force of gravity so that the force of levity can work to lift the atoms and molecules that comprise the object up against the force of gravity.  It’s really quite simple, as truth always turns out to be.


Another way of overcoming the force of gravity is to vibrate the atoms that comprise the molecules of the object faster than the speed of light.  As we saw is a previous post, atoms are already vibrating at the speed of light.  All that’s needed, then, is to raise their vibration to a higher frequency than the speed of light and . . . voila! the object will levitate.  This can be easily accomplished with sound, as we will see in my next post. Oh, the simplicity of truth.

But the object can do more than levitate.  It can actually turn liquid for a few moments as the atoms flip over the vibrational threshold between space-time and time-space, and simply disappear from sight.  Well, temporarily at least.  After dematerializing for a time (about 15minutes) the object will again materialize and become subject once again to the force of gravity.  And, simple and easy, that’s how the pyramids were likely built 

Read my earlier post of April 22nd entitled “Dawn of a Golden Age: Ascension at the Speed of Love” between this and my next post so that you can more easily understand and enjoy the incredible true story I will thoroughly enjoy sharing with you.  Until then,

Be love.  Be loved,


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