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I received a comment from a reader by the name of Jonathan to an earlier post which, apparently, piqued his interest, or a least his curiosity.  I will share his comment first and follow it by the article itself, which is about sound as an antigravity force.  Here’s Jonathan’s comment:

“It would be quite interesting to read the comments. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the way to do so.
Possible future contributor”

Surprisingly, there were no comments on the post, as it has a most intriguing title: “Pyramid Power” Page 3: Acoustic Levitation.  I would love and welcome a contribution from you, Jonathan . . . and thanks for bringing this 2012 post forward. I will use it as a springboard into a consideration of the dynamics of ascension.  The story is every bit true and most fascinating. I promise you it will astound you.  

Here’s the post:

The dynamics of the ascending process by which our physical bodies are welcome to ascend to a higher level of being are exactly the same as the dynamics of acoustic levitation: the elevation and intensification of vibratory frequency.  Only the source of the vibrations is Spirit rather then sound.  I will develop this topic in my next post.  I think you will enjoy and benefit greatly by this insightful and promising consideration.  Until then,

Blessings of Light and Love during the Joyful Holiday Season.  


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