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Love, an Antigravity Force

“True love demands sacrifice, because true love is a transforming force and is really the birth-pangs of union on a higher plane.” –Anonymous¹

OUR HUMAN FAMILY has not been under so much pressure as it is now for some time. Listening to all the reports on the state of our planet’s shifting ecology, we are in the throes of an existential crisis—at least existence as we’ve known it in our lifetime.  Like a house of cards blown by a wind, our “civilized” world is collapsing around us, as though clearing the space for something new.  Will we go down in history as yet another lost civilization, or will we ascend to a higher level of consciousness and create a more balanced and sustainable world?  A heaven on earth?

The answer to that question lies largely in the polarity of our orientation, and with what tonal frequency we resonate at a spiritual level in our hearts.  What vibrational tone moves us, and in what direction?  What do we most value and love?  Because we will dance to the music that resonates in our hearts and go in the direction of that which we love, that with which we desire union.  What is it that my soul longs to know oneness with? 

The simple answer to such a longing is to be found in the directive of the Master Jesus, what has become well known as The Two Great Commandment:  “Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all of thy heart, and with all of thy mind, and with all of thy strength.” With all of one’s heart, mind and body.  Nothing held back.  “And the second is like unto the first: thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”  In these two directives, as I would call them, lie the sacred path of ascension. 


We are all blessed by our friendships.  I’ve been blessed and privileged to share a brief but potent time of Attunement every morning with a dear friend and colleague long distance.  We’ve known each other for over twenty years now and I’ve come to love him as a brother . . . and I can say as myself because he exemplifies to me qualities that I know are true of my own inner Self, primarily unconditional love and acceptance of me just the way I am . . . which has inspired me to love and accept myself, and others, unconditionally.  This has been my experience over the years with all my friends and attunement colleagues.  So much love and appreciation has been expressed by so many.  

The current of love that flows between my friend and myself seems to have grown more intense and substantial over the years.  This past year the Attunement Current has been increasingly more intense and has become a powerfully magnetic force that has had an uplifting impact on my physical body, as though every cell is being drawn up into an ascending current of magnetic energy.   

While the Attunement Current in itself is a powerful healing force — healing in the literal sense of mending back together that which has been fragmented and separated from the whole — there are powerful cosmic forces on the move “out there” which are having enormous impact on us and on all life forms on the planet.  While we call this force the Attunement Current, it is the magnetic current of love that is increasing in its manifestation through human hearts the world over, interestingly more so since this viral pandemic has disrupted “business as usual” in human affairs. 

It’s as though a Great Pause has been ordered in the Music of the Spheres here on Earth by the Great Conductor as a new score in the symphony of Life awaits the downward beat of the Conductor’s Baton, and the orchestral musicians are poised in eager readiness to play the first notes in their score together with one magnificent and harmonic transforming sound.  One can hear the cacophony of instruments tuning as the pure sound of the oboe plays the tonal A 440.  We can even hear an Overture  pre-sounding in the heaven of consciousness.  The Song Celestial is about to be played and sung on Earth.  It’s time to finetune our instruments of body, mind and heart with the Tone of Love. 

When I see and hear musicians playing their instruments and singing in concerts, I see angels of sound come down out of the Realms of Light to bring heavenly music to Mankind and to this beautiful planet.  Last night we attended a Christmas Concert presented by the Masterworks Chorale I sang with for several years, now back from a long pause due to this pandemic.  It was so good to hear these angels singing their sweet and glorious songs, especially the children’s choir and the brass ensemble.  Christmas music  is my favorite tradition each year.   God bless all musicians, who have come together in choirs and orchestras the world around, finding one another and regrouping to offer their musical gifts to the world, sorely in need of such upliftment at this time of trial and tribulation. 

I’m thinking of our neighbors up in the Midwest who are in anguish in the wake of devastating multiple tornado strikes that tore through several states last night from Arkansas through Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee, leaving death and unprecedented destruction in its 250 mile path, and so many homeless in cold winter nights.  They will be having a different Christmas this year as they help one another recover and rebuild, along with hundreds who have come from other areas to lend a hand.  There is so much goodwill in human hearts.  People come together in hard times.  We are so blessed to live in such a world of generous and caring friends and neighbors.  God bless us all, as Tiny Tim exclaimed in that wonderful Christmas Story.  Let us gather in Rumi’s field of no right doing or wrong doing and offer a prayer for those whose worlds have been so suddenly upended. 

I will leave you with this timely video that was shared on Facebook this week by a friend.   



Here we are.  Let the New World be born through all of us together.  Everything we do matters.  Until my next post,

Be Love.  Be loved.


¹ Anonymous:  From The Recapitulation of the Lord’s Prayer written anonymously and published by a 20th Century British contemplative, a student of the Russian philosopher P. D. Ouspensky.  I borrowed this “mystical gem” from Cynthia Bourgeault’s beautiful book THE WISDOM JESUS.


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  1. That is an astute observation, Tony, and absolutely accurate at a form-level. However, fortunately, all is well in our heavenly level of pre-form, where, as angels we dwell, and anything that defiles, “worketh a lie”, and is an abomination to God, cannot enter; it cannot get past the flaming sword-of-truth. This being so, why do you suppose this dreadful abomination is still being sustained, and increasing exponentially in the earth, despite our Master’s having addressed it, and dismissed it, during his earlier incarnation? In answer to your question “will we go on to create a heaven on earth”, well, yes, in principle, but not in the order of human imagination. That approach has been the attempt of each prior failed civilization, and should, by now, be seen as a reversal of God’s Creative Order, whereby heaven already is (in any beginning God creates the heaven), and which, with man in correct position, and polarised in heavenly orientation, the earth will reflect what rightly manifests in heaven. As you also ask, and answer, Tony: “The answer to that question lies largely in the polarity of our orientation.” It actually lies entirely in the polarity of our orientation. I would liken this to your lovely portrayal of a heavenly orchestra; they must be entirely in tune, not just largely so, and not only in tune with each other, which is typical of so many groupings of human beings – churches, scientists, patriotic armies and civilizations – we must firstly be in tune with the Tone-of-Life, which is an individual responsibility, and by which the truth is known, regardless of circumstance or what others may think or believe. For this to happen, according to God’s will, human consciousness must be made available to the One who dwells, the One who makes and sustains our human capacity-of-consciousness, so that the things of heaven have a safe, holy place, in which to be processed from pre-form into form, gladly received at conception, and then allowed to gestate and manifest in their season. It is a joy to be with you in these days of changeover, from the content of the first heaven, the process of purification, and on to host the new heaven and the new earth to be born therein. With love always, Peter


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