Creating the New Earth Together

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”

In his humanizing novel YESHUA, Lawrence Krantz attributes to the young man Jesus the visual capacity to see both the outer person as well as the inner angelic being in the people he encountered. Would that my heart were as pure. As it now is, all that I am capable of “seeing” is rather more a sensing of the transcendent silent vibration of a presence behind the surface play of human personality that’s much larger than the physical being with whom I am speaking or communicating. I have the same experience reading certain authors, current and long deceased, such as Sufi Hazarat Inayat Khan. When I read from his writings I sense a familiar presence, a silent spiritual vibration conveyed by his words. The following quote is an example of such resonant expression memorialized in The Mysticism of Sound; Music; The Power of the Word; Cosmic Language:

CONSIDER THE GREAT SOULS who have come to the earth at different times; conditions opposed them, and they found difficulties at every move in accomplishing what they wanted to do; yet they have produced the voice, a living voice. That living voice continued long after they had left, and spread in time throughout the whole universe, accomplishing what they had once wished. The effect of that one moment of thought took perhaps centuries to build something, but it was something worthwhile, something beyond man’s comprehension.

But it is one Creator; and all that is built and prepared and made and composed, is made by that One Being working through this world of variety.

If we could only understand what spirit is, we should esteem the human being much more than we do now. We trust man so little, we believe in man so little, we respect man so little, we esteem his possibilities so little. If we only knew what is at the back of every strong and weak soul, we should know that there is every possibility, and we should never under-estimate anyone, nor fail to respect any man in spite of all he may lack; we should recognize that it is the Creator creating through all the different forms.”

“Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm, all is bright.”

Today we start a new calendar year, although the Eternal Now remains intact. January 1st is just another day in Eternity where time has no place, nor existence. In this Eternal Now great souls have visited the planet and left their words of eternal Truth. The Lord of Love’s incarnation in the man Jesus is one we celebrate at Christmas time every year. His living voice still echoes in the pages of the Four Gospels and in the hallowed chambers of human hearts. His words of love and peace are eternal and continue to this day to haunt the awakening body of Man, once purposed to be the Body of God on Earth . . . and continues to be.

Angels are awakening their incarnating human temples to provide a collective Body and Consciousness for the Archangel’s return. The promise of His “Second Coming” is being fulfilled in our day. He comes on the clouds of the Heaven of Consciousness. Let us all shout for joy and welcome His arrival in one another. We are His blood, His bones, His flesh singing “Praises unto Thee, O Great Spirit!”

I leave you to join your spirits of praise with that of my dearest friend PenDell Pittman as he sings praises unto the Living Word made flesh. Blessing of Love’s peace be yours throughout the New Year.

Until my next post in this new series “The Silent World of Vibrations,” in which I am delighted to share the ancient wisdom of Hazarat Inayat Khan,

Be love. Be loved.


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  1. Happy new year beautiful soul ❤️Blessings to you and your family.

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