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“When you make the two into one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the upper like the lower and the lower like the upper . . . When you make an eye to replace an eye and a hand to replace a hand, and a foot to replace a foot, and an image to replace an image, then you will enter the Kingdom” (Jesus, from The Gospel of Thomas)

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CONTINUING OUR EXPLORATION of the Imaginal Realm, I would like to share with you something from my book Attunement With Sacred Sound which expands and deepens our consideration. Due to length, I will add a second page with a link to it at the bottom of the first page.  This is from the chapter 6 “Cell Replication in a Musical Matrix of Light.” Thrilling as it is to me, this excerpt is a bit dense, so you might want to set aside some quiet time for reading it — with your heart as well as with your mind.  Enjoy!

UNTIL RECENTLY, it has been thought that cell replication was on the basis of a genetic template, or blueprint, which served much as a pattern bearing a fixed design for the construction of new cells and tissues and the repair of old ones.  It is now being suggested by scientists and biologists that, whereas DNA may determine our physical features, it is not alone in determining the design and function of the individual cells of the body. They are designed to function in the particular environment into which they are being born and to adapt to the changes occurring there.  As the environmental factors change, so does the “instruction” change to prepare the cells for what they are about to encounter.  And this all takes place in a living, vibrating musical matrix of light. The DNA molecule itself unfolds its patterns of design triggered by sound frequencies. Information is shared and transmitted by way of neuropeptides, hormones and enzymes bearing bio-photons (light) messengers throughout the body. Every cell gives off light.

In Quantum Healing – Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine, Dr. Deepak Chopra explores and expounds upon the mechanism by which intelligence is transferred from the quantum world to the material world. He writes:

But if the DNA is the bottom rung of this neat stepladder [DNA – Cell – Tissue – Organ – System], what makes DNA unfold in the first place? Why does it initially divide on the second day after conception and begin to make a nervous system on day eighteen? As with all quantum events, something inexplicable happens beneath the surface to form the all-knowing intelligence of DNA. The point is not that DNA is too complex to understand, being a super-genius molecule; what makes DNA mysterious is that it lives right at the point of transformation, just like the quantum. Its whole life is spent creating more life, which we have defined as “intelligence tied up in chemicals.” DNA is constantly transferring messages from the quantum world to ours, tying new bits of intelligence to new bits of matter. 

No matter where you look, the visible universe is fundamentally a set of signals. Yet these signals all hold together, turning totally meaningless vibrations into full-blown experience that have human meaning. The love between a man and wife can be broken down into raw physical data, but to do this is to lose the reality. Therefore, Eddington says, all these codes must stand for something more real. [Sir Arthur Eddington was an English astronomer who, anticipating inter-connectedness of all things decades before John Bell’s theorem surfaced in 1964, wrote “When the electron vibrates, the universe shakes.”] At the same time, that something is very intimate to us, for all of us can read the code, turning random quantum vibrations into an orderly reality.

A good image for this would be a pianist playing a Chopin etude. Where is the music? You can find it at many levels—in the vibrating string, the trip of the hammers, the fingers striking the keys, the black marks on the paper, or the nerve impulses produced in the player’s brain. But all of these are just codes; the reality of music is the shimmering, beautiful, invisible form that haunts our memories without ever being present in the physical world.

The music, like all reality, emerges from out of the invisible quantum world of time-space, and it emerges as vibrational signals coded by Intelligence with information. I received the following from a friend during an internet conversation challenging familiar thinking:

All the information for embryonic development is contained within the fertilized egg. So how is this information interpreted to give rise to an embryo? One possibility is that the structure of the organism is somehow encoded as a descriptive program in the genome [that is what we were taught!]. Does the DNA contain a full description of the organism to which it will give rise? The answer is no. The genome contains instead a program of instructions for making the organism – a generative program – in which the cytoplasmic constituents of eggs and cells are essential players along with the genes like the DNA coding for the sequence of amino acids in a protein.

A descriptive program, like a blueprint or a plan, describes an object in some detail, whereas a generative program describes how to make an object. For the same object, the programs are very different….(Christopher Alexander, The Nature Of Order, Vol. 2)

This “generative program” is a revelation of the genius of Life.  It is how evolution unfolds. That instruction is given by the innate intelligence animating the physical body and overseeing its many and varied internal functions and re-creative cycles.  It could be thought of as the score for the Music of the Spheres, edited and updated to accommodate changes in the environment, applying Pythagoras’ planetary symphony model to the symphony of Life playing in and through its many and varied forms of expression, in this consideration our human capacities.

Rewriting the Music of the Spheres

Dr. June Wieder cites the research of Jean E. Charon, a French physicist-philosopher, in her book, Song of the Spine.  He demonstrates how electrons store and share information with other electrons during each pulsation period of its cycle by means of photons (light molecules). This communication process takes place “in whole number steps – in a harmonic progression, much like a musical scale. It is as if electrons are communicating their ‘tones’ to one another. Thus it appears that the harmonic laws of the planets have characteristics that are similar to the laws that apply to orbiting electrons.”

Dr. Wieder then cites the work of Wilfred Kruger, a German musicologist, who, expanding on Charon’s work…

…discovered a great correlation between the structures of atoms that sustain life, such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus, as well as in RNA and DNA, and the intervals found in a musical scale.  He suggests that oxygen, having an atomic number of 8, is the element that represents the octave. He went on to say that the eight electrons and eight protons of the oxygen atom form a major scale in which the positive spin is the full tone and the negative spin is the semitone.” She explains: “Remember that spin is the movement of a body around its own axis and that the spin is always a whole-number ratio – in other words, in harmonic proportion.  Kruger went even further, showing a close relationship between microcosm and the harmonics of music.  He explained that the nucleus of the oxygen atom, with its protons, has twelve steps – the precise number of intervals found in the scale formed by the atomic model.

Dr. Wieder then cites Lama Govinda (1898-1985), a noted scholar of Tibetan Buddhism, as poetically depicting a similar idea: “‘Each atom is constantly singing a song, and each moment this song creates dense or fine forms of greater or lesser materiality.’” This suggests that the Creator is constantly evolving with Creation and rewriting the Music of the Spheres.


Then there’s this that really puts a finale on the tireless search for the nature of the material world for me – again from Song of the Spine:

 In modern physics, string theory provides strong support for the idea that vibrations are at the heart of all matter. In his book and TV series [PBS) titled The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene of Columbia University applies the term “strings” to the tiniest bits of matter. Strings are “wiggling strands of unimaginable smallness” that combine to create the subatomic particles that collectively make up atoms. The different ways that strings vibrate, Greene explains, give the subatomic particles their unique properties, such as mass and charge.

It is interesting to note that vibration is what characterizes strings.  Just as the vibrations of a single cello string can create different musical notes, the tiny strings that lie at the deepest core of matter vibrate to create different kinds of particles and forms of energy. These oscillations compose a grand cosmic symphony that is the same from the micro scale strings, connecting to the macro.  What we perceive as reality is strung together by these squiggly-wiggly strings, connecting us to the many hidden dimensions of this universe.  ‘As above, so below.’  (Wieder, Song of the Spine, p. 33)

The analogy of a cello creating musical notes insinuates a cellist, presumably playing in another realm and creating the music of creation. As a friend and colleague recently commented, referring to the PBS series, would he not also be the sustainer and Healer of the vibratory world he creates and centers? Is he/she not the Healer within each one? One purpose of our service as healers, then, could be “to provide a vibrational control pattern in the area of need to enhance the Healer’s work – help tune the cello if you will,” as my friend went on to suggest.

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