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“Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? Canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth.”

CONTINUING in this series on “The Imaginal Realm,” I am guided by my intuitive heart to speak to the power of our collective consciousness—oriented upward and open to receiving and transmitting the ordinances of heaven as instructions for the creation of a new world upon this dawning New Earth—when a critical number of incarnate angels with “attuned hearts” come together in one place of accord to let love radiate into the mass consciousness of humanity and into the world—without concern for results, but not without right expectancy. Cynthia Bourgeault writers to this in the following excerpt from her beautiful and enlightening book EYE OF THE HEART:

Because of this demonstrated capacity to affect outcome in this world, the imaginal realm has long been associated with the world of prophecy and oracles. To attuned hearts, it does indeed seem to send “messages,” as it surely did for the disciples, for Jonah, and for Johnny and me. That is why it often is equated with the “subtle” level of consciousness in contemporary roadmaps such as those promulgated by philosopher Ken Wilber.’ There is truth here, to be sure, but remember that these “levels of consciousness” maps are all essentially “upper left quadrant” metaphysics, to use Wilberspeak—or in other words, geared to the individual interior journey and individual transformation.

Properly understood through its own Western filter, the imaginal realm is collective and evolutionary; its ultimate purpose is to guide, shape, nourish, and, where necessary, offer course corrections to our entire planetary and inter-planetary unfolding. As an objectively verifiable realm interpenetrating our earth plane and operating at a twice-higher frequency of spiritual intensity and coherence, it is a life within a life, and its laws, interpenetrating our own, provide the inner template by which the outer unfolding can proceed rightly.

And that point, perhaps underemphasized in the traditional roadmaps, turns out to be the linchpin.

A linchpin as in Webster’s second definition: “one that serves to hold together parts or elements that exist or function as a unit.” That “one” can be an individual holding a point of focus for one’s world, or as a group of people holding the world together in their consciousness and extending a current of blessing.

There is such a gathering of incarnate angels in the heaven of consciousness who come together every day in different time zones to offer a blessing into our troubled world. That “one” who has “called the circle” so-to-speak is my friend and Attunement colleague in Toronto, Canada, Paul Price. Here in the Central Time zone I join him and several hundred other angels mid morning at 10:30 for a half-hour of meditation and unified radiation. The following is a call-out by my friend to any and all who are amenable and available to participate in this unified release of radiant love into the world—something many of us have been doing with regards to Ukraine these past several months. Paul writes:

It has been eleven months since we set this most recent cycle of unified radiation in motion, specifically with regard to the Ukraine, with intent to provide a loving surround to assist in raising the vibration. This was about allowing the best possible outcome for all.

As the situation in the Ukraine rages on, many other hotspots are flaring up around the planet. Let Love Radiate Without Concern for Results. I learned this basic premise of Attunement over fifty years ago. Note to self: it does not say “without results”. The power of Attunement occurs in our holding a steady current of love and blessing that will raise the vibration on this planet, making it impossible for war, illness and disease to exist. I hold true to this understanding, to this day, though there are times I’m tempted to take a peek for a possible result.

I am thankful to all who have participated in this past year. We have experienced amazing blessings at our hands. There is still a long way to go. Many of us have the strong sensing that these are the days we have been training for; to allow greater clarification because I AM here.

Toronto and surrounding area have been my home for eighty years. Over those years, Toronto the Good, as it has been known, has boasted a very low crime rate, even as the population has grown from one million to five. However, the last few months have brought about a surge in random violent crimes: swarming, stabbings, shoving old people to their deaths. Such crimes have been occurring at a rate of two or three times a day!

Perhaps this is the backlash of our pandemic lockdowns: people out of touch with society, overwhelmed with pent-up aggressions. I think we can agree that the current state of energy these days is pretty raw. No doubt there is much more to come, on the global scene of politics and war and these situations closer to home, which is why I write this letter. My sensing is this: for the next three months, if we can band together in unified radiant blessing, as we have done in relation to the Ukraine, the power of our agreement could have a great impact on times to come, if only as a soothing balm.

There is a group of us meeting “in the field” daily at 11:30 am., EST, or 16:30 GMT. I would so appreciate any who care to join us, bringing your unique blessing into the mix. If these times are not possible for you, then choose a specific time for you and possibly your group of friends. In our half hour meditation we can give thanks for the gift of life, our spiritual awareness and this beautiful planet. In this energetic field, see what specific thoughts may come to you for this blessing.

So many situations are calling for our love, now. I trust that our intent to increase the refined substance of love and truth, will assist in this purifying process. The substance of the collective radiant blessing will guide the process.

Much love to you, Paul Price

Paul mentions “specific thoughts” that may arise during the half hour meditation. These could well be essences of the ordinances of heaven coming down as seeds being planted in the collective Consciousness through each individual. It would fare well to let them be planted there, nurtured in our expressions of love and gratitude during our days, and allowed to grow and bear fruit in our collective engagement offering healing to the body of mankind and to the planet, while setting the ordinances of heaven in the earth. We can do this. It’s why we incarnated at this time. Why we are here now.

I leave you with these thoughts and actions to consider and perhaps implement. Until my next post,

Be love. Be loved


P.S. Please let me know if you join in this world-blessing time.

Comments on: "Knowing the Ordinances of Heaven" (8)

  1. Allana Downie said:

    I join with this group whenever I am free at the appropriate time.  If I
    am working I join with gratitude and love at any other time during the
    day. I love the spirit of peace and wellbeing that is generated during
    these times.

    With Love,


  2. Thank you Tony, and Paul, and all who participate. Our true nature is to Bless, and now that i know the gathering time, I too will consciously join in the ‘Letting’ of the vibrational healing balm go forth. 😊

  3. Jerry Kvasnicka said:

    So good to be with you, Anthony, and Paul Price in setting the ordinances of heaven in the earth. In just reading this beautiful offering I felt the ordinances manifesting and Love radiating. Truly for this cause we incarnated on earth at this time.

  4. cheri klamm said:

    This is ABSOLUTELY amazing and is an answer to unspoken prayers of a lifetime, I feel. I will try my best to join, to raise my energies & radiate to all, learning in this newly found life & giving it all out as it comes in!
    Thank you & many Blessings

  5. cheri klamm said:

    Thank you! New to this, I was seeking information on the Essenes after a heart-breaking event & loss, searching, wondering & wandering. The Essenes came to me & with more reading & searching I arrived at your postings about them as well, then to other writings you’ve created, then this meditation. I don’t even know who you all are nor anything about this group but it feels as if I’ve been led here as it all fits together. Many questions I have not knowing the correct spot to inquire so I hope you’ll forgive if this is an inappropriate spot for these words.
    Thank you again

    • Not inappropriate at all, Cheri! Sounds like an awakening taking place in your consciousness to your own bright angelic light and presence. GOOD MORNING! 🙏❤️

    • The important questions are answered from within your heart from You, your angelic divine Self. Not from outside through the Mind. All questions are answered in their own season. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 😊

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