Creating the New Earth Together

This Is The Day

“This is the day which the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

* * *

Dedicated to the Restoration of Man

In Honor Of The LORD of the Sacred Seven Spirits and His Lady

“The LORD of Lords and KING of Kings is the absolute focalization of the Whole Holy World. Everything that has any proper place in that whole range is polarized in Him. All that is properly contained within the seven planes of being is focalized in Him. Every recognition of that which is lovely, beautiful, true, honest, pure, holy, sacred, is in its essence, when recognized in love response to Him, actually a recognition of Him. We are all members of His heavenly body that fills the Whole Holy World.”  — Uranda

* * *

THE STORY OF MAN’S SOJOURN ON EARTH — OUR sojourn as the Body of Humanity — is recorded in the sacred scriptures of the Holy Bible. It’s a story that has its beginnings in a Garden called Eden where everything was perfect and complete for life to flourish. We were created by a loving and generous Creator, male and female in His image and likeness, to share the magic of Creation with Him and exercise dominion over all the creatures we helped create and over all the earth. He blessed us and said to us, “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth.” (Multiply we did plentifully; replenish the earth we haven’t done so plentifully.)

But we were not satisfied with the way things were, and we sought to create a world on our own without our Creator . . . and we messed up royally, eventually finding ourselves out from the presence of the LORD God, and out of the Garden state, striving to survive in the lower outer planes of Creations where the Four Creative Forces of water, air, earth and fire are at work integrating and disintegrating the various forms in the fabric of creation. Without Man’s dominion over the earth, these creating forces were thrown into cataclysmic upheaval creating floods and collapsing the very foundations of continents. sinking them into the oceans along with millions of their inhabitants and all living species. We attribute these “punishing” events to an “angry and vengeful” God, but we did this to ourselves and to our Garden home among the stars.

The Bible is the story of a loving God’s patient and relentless efforts to restore Man to his honorable state as Co-Creator with Him . . . working with the cycles He had established and set in motion that bring the Creative Forces into harmonious alignment with clocklike timing and synchrony. He is forced to do so as He cannot interrupt their cyclical patterns that are governed by larger and grander cosmic forces and cycles. He has had to wait until cosmic conditions in the larger context of “wheels within wheels” were just right for initiating a pattern of renewal and restoration . . . and this is what the Story of Man as recorded in Sacred Scripture is all about.


There are three testaments in the Bible: the Old Testament, the New Testament, and I will include the testament of John’s Book of Revelation.

The Old Testament records the Creation of this world and of Mankind; Man’s fall from grace and departure from the Garden of Eden. It’s also the record of the initiation of the first cycle of restoration, which began with Abraham, a physical approach, and its subsequent failure with the story of the Israelites, God’s “Chosen People,” and the provision of the Law of Moses with the Ten Commandments . . . one of which is “Thou shalt not kill.” Uranda refers to this cycle as The First Sacred School.

Human sacrifice to appease an angry God was a prevailing practice at the time. The killing of another human being had been introduced into human consciousness when Cain killed his brother Abel — a metaphorical story of when material man, represented by Cain, suppressed and separated his outer human self from spiritual Man, his inner Self, represented by Abel.

The cycle of human sacrifice was broken by Abraham when an angel stayed his hand as he prepared to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. The pattern surfaced again in various cultures . . . and is even evoked in Christian doctrine as a rationale for the crucifixion of Jesus as an act of God sacrificing His only begotten son to atone for the sins of the world. Murderous behavior has remained in human consciousness and continues to this day on the battle fields of nations at war with one another over religious and political ideologies, greed and racial hatred, among others. We sacrifice our young men and women, many of whom are our firstborn, on such bloody battlefields to less than holy causes.


With the collapse and submergence of the Motherland of Lemuria millions of years ago, along with the submergence of the great civilization of Atlantis 12,800 years ago, a remnant of these island civilizations made their way to India and Madagascar and as far as Egypt in the East, many settling along the banks of the Dead Sea and in various other locations in Roman Judaea. These were known as the Essenes and they lived a spiritual life of voluntary poverty, daily immersion in the ancient scriptures and asceticism based on love and compassion. A Jewish sect, they dedicated their lives to scribing, preserving and teaching the secret knowledge of the ancient “mystery schools.”

Awareness of the Essenes became more public with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, documents believed to be their library and which the Essenes hid in caves along the Dead Sea when their communities were being destroyed by the Romans. “These documents preserve multiple copies of parts of the Hebrew Bible untouched from possibly as early as 300 BCE until their discovery in 1946.” (Wikipedia) Many of the disciples of both John the Baptist and Jesus came from this Jewish sect, as did Jesus and John themselves, which essentially provided a bridge between the Old Testament of the First Sacred School and the New Testament.

The New Testament records the initiation of a second cycle of restoration, a more mental approach, initiated by the Lord of Lords incarnate in Jesus Christ, and the drawing together of a second nuclear body with the disciples for the purpose of continuing and hopefully completing the work of restoration. That cycle sadly failed as well with the execution of the disciples at the hands of the Romans, like their Master — all except John.

This was the Second Sacred School, which reduced Moses’s Ten Commandments into one Great Commandment based on love for the LORD our God with all, and a second like unto the it, love of one’s neighbor as oneself — the “keys” to entering the Kingdom of Heaven . . . with only one requirement to “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” In other words, turn around and return to our Creator, and our Creator will return to us — and with “good pleasure” give us the Kingdom. Not that He ever abandoned us, as many have complained. We simply lost consciousness of His Presence.

This is why the LORD of Love came to us: because there was beginning to be a return of a remnant of the “chosen people” of Israel — in representation of the body of mankind — who were returning to God in consciousness, anticipating His arrival as the Messiah. He came as a representative of the Father, the Creator of heaven and earth, and was rejected by the world . . . by all but a handful of disciples of which only one, John, stood with Him at the foot of the cross, along with His mother and a few women, among whom were his mother, Mary, and His close and intimate soulmate, Mary of Bethany, and Mary Magdalene, whom he had raised to the honorable status of “Apostle of apostles” for her deep-hearted love for Him and her depth of understanding of His teachings.


John, the Beloved Disciple, was exiled to the Greek island of Patmos where he was given a vision of what would come to pass in the world in the next and final cycle in the restoration of Man. His testament is The Book of Revelation, aka the Apocalypse.

A Third Sacred School was initiated by Lloyd A. Meeker (1907-1954) who taught and wrote under his new and “given” name “Uranda,” which has its derivation in the Mother Land of Lemuria and means “Heaven on Earth.” Through his teachings and ministry, it became obvious that his incarnation was that of the Light Being that was incarnate in John of Revelation, the Spirit of Truth. His teachings, along with those of his successor Lord Martin Exeter (1909-1988), the Spirit of Life incarnate, are compiled in an eighteen volume set entitled THE THIRD SACRED SCHOOL.


This third and final cycle is an approach to restoration based on the expression of the triune Spirit of God — the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Life — in and through Man, whose triune capacities of body, mind and heart provide the means for the expression of the triune Spirit of God on Earth. Uranda initiated this cycle with yet a third nuclear body which became known as Emissaries of Divine Light. The history of this body and its co-founders are recorded in THE VIBRATIONAL ARK,* authored by Grace Van Duzen, who served as Uranda’s personal secretary and as a dedicated scribe for both Uranda’s and Lord Exeter’s copious services.


I will close this with an excerpt from a recent Temple of Light Service spoken by my friend and angelic colleague, David Barnes from British Columbia: (Click on this link to read the entire service.)

I think that all of us here on this Zoom call should be able to easily acknowledge that heaven is here—acknowledge that since that amazing period of time in the mid-1940s, in a very real way the process of the reunion of heaven and earth has been established in this world; and all of us are actually living and moving in an experience of heaven on earth. This has happened, and it is happening. And this has not happened in a body of people, however small a body of people, since before the fall. There has never been a Body of God sustained in heaven on earth since before the fall. The birth of the Spiritual Body brought forth by Uranda, and those who worked with him in its beginning formation, was accomplished, and we are a part of the beginning formation. This occurred not that long ago.

This is a massive project. I did some research last night. As of now, according to Uranda’s dates, it was around 28,000 years ago that the first point of the fall of man took place, near the beginning of a 25,800 year Fire cycle. And at the end of that 25,800 year cycle the Master Jesus incarnated, to initiate this particular phase of the restoration that we are in now. He came just after the beginning of a new 25,800 year Water cycle and a smaller 2,160 year Water cycle. He incarnated in order to allow the conception of this particular Christ Body formation that is now present—that Uranda came to help birth. This Christ Body is continuing to grow and develop, and as long as we provide the substance, and hold strong the vibrational hedge related to this ongoing formation, we have the experience of being in Heaven, being in the Garden, being in this Spiritual Body, in the world of the fallen condition but not of it. And this is not just a theory—it has happened. It is happening, and the world to come is here now for anyone who does what is required in their own life to experience that as being so. . . .

. . . . In this piece in which Uranda states that this is the time when Mother God must come into her own or man is lost, Uranda indicated that it is in this 2,160 year Air cycle that things become absolutely critical. And certain things need to be achieved in this 2,160 year age—this period that began around 1766, near the beginning of which Uranda then came into incarnation, and Martin. And we came as well. So this is just the beginning of things, obviously, when we think of what it would actually take to have this whole human nature scene cleaned up, this that has taken 28,000 years to get into this mess, to be completely cleared up. When we first considered these things we may have thought, well, this is going happen in forty years, and it will all be over. Well, certain things need to happen within certain definite time frames; but in the larger picture, in terms of the whole mop-up operation, it is within a longer period, and it’s going take several incarnations of angels, well trained to steward the process.

This awakening is occurring everywhere and all at once. Human consciousness is impregnated with the seeds of love and peace. The expression of the Spirit of God is released on Earth through men and women of integrity who have come to know their angelic nature. This is the Day which the Lord hath made. Let us all rejoice and be glad in it.

I welcome any thoughts you may wish to share and comments you may wish to make in the Comment feature. Until my next post,

Be love. Be loved.


*The vibrational ark depicts a place of safety in a corrupt and troubled world. It is a state of consciousness which transcends the manipulations of mind and emotion separate from the guidance and inspiration of God. Published January 1, 1996.

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