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“WHAT IF EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT JESUS IS WRONG?” – From the cover of Michael Baigent’s book THE JESUS PAPERS – Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History.  Michael Baigent is a religious historian and leading expert in the field of arcane knowledge.

I received a number of “likes” and a few comments on my last post, which I always love receiving. One comment came from a niece that I thought is worth sharing here, since she sent it to me on Facebook rather than posting it to my blog. She says:

“Thanks for having the courage to educate us all about the history that so many choose to ignore. You will probably be burned in effigy…lol. My belief is that we need not be ashamed of our history unless we refuse to learn from it.”

My belief as well. I am not convinced, however, that we have learned from our history – or even explored it at any length so as to know what it is we need to learn from it.  Thus my exploration, which I am somewhat tentative in sharing in a public forum such as this. Some of my readers may, indeed, burn me verbally in effigy, as my niece said, and if that should happen, I extend love and compassion ahead of such time that this may indeed come to pass. Bless you and forgive me for exploring my own Italian/French/Irish Catholic roots, which I’ve taken for granted.

With that said, I will continue my exploration of information that has come to me in a thoroughly researched and well documented book by Michael Bagent entitled The Jesus Papers – Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History. My purpose in reading his book – for the second time – is to arrive at a better understanding of who exactly Jesus was and what actually occurred during his brief life and public ministry. Again, from the cover of his book:

In The Jesus Papers, the author reveals the truth about Jesus’s life and crucifixion. Despite–or rather because of–all the celebration and veneration that have surrounded the figure of Jesus for centuries, Baigent asserts that Jesus and the circumstances leading to his death have been heavily mythologized.

One of these myths is that Jesus founded Christianity and that his apostle Peter founded the Roman Catholic Church. Nothing could be farther from the truth, according to Baigent. The “elephant in the room” in any discussion of the origins of Christianity is the obvious improbability that a Jew would be founding a Christian religion. Christianity was not even a concept in Jesus’s mind.  Judaism was the religion of his time, along with paganism. And the apostle Peter did not found the Roman Catholic Church. That was the Roman Emperor Constantine 325 years after Jesus’s time. (More about this episode later.) Baigent helps us look at the political setting into which Jesus was born and in which he lived and ministered to the Jewish people.

Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian

Jesus was born during warring times. The Zealots, a Jewish sect, were battling the Romans over the city of Jerusalem and the Temple that had become a “den of thieves,” as Jesus described it when he drove the merchants and money-changers out of the temple with a whip. They wanted priests in the temple who were descendants of Aaron. They also were looking for the Messiah to appear and restore the kingdom of Israel, as foretold by the prophets. Baigent depicts the setting in which Jesus assumed his messianic role, entering Jerusalem on the back of a donkey:

There is no getting away from it: Jesus entered Jerusalem quite deliberately, pressing all the right buttons in order to put himself forward as the chosen Messiah of Israel, the anointed king, whose arrival had been foretold by the prophets. He knew it. He was open to it.

Jesus was born a Jew from the seed of Joseph, who was a descendant of the House of David. Yes, he had an earthly father who knew his mother, Mary, in the Biblical sense of that word, and brought him forth in the same manner as any other normal birth. It was the Church later on, with its hang up on human sexuality and its “obsession with perpetual virginity and celibacy” that fabricated the scenario of the virgin birth. Jesus had to have Joseph’s genetic heritage from the Line of David in order to be the promised Messiah, along with his mother’s priestly bloodline.

The author goes on to describe how Jesus was groomed by the Zealots from childhood for this role, only to have him later betray them and their revolutionary cause:

Imagine the problem: the Zealots, whose entire focus was the removal or destruction of Rome’s hold over Judea, had organized a dynastic marriage between Joseph, a man of the royal line of David, and Mary, of the priestly line of Aaron, in order to have a child, Jesus–the “Savior” of Israel–who was both rightful king and high priest.

Whether or not the Zealots “organized” Joseph and Mary’s marriage, what is factual is their inheritance of the royal bloodline of King David and the priestly bloodline of the High Priest Aaron. The Jews knew that their Messiah had arrived and all that was left was for Jesus to fulfill the prophecies of Holy Scripture and restore Judea as a nation by driving the Romans from the Holy City of Jerusalem and replacing the priests of the Temple with a High Priest descendant from the line of Aaron.

The big let-down that led to Jesus’s crucifixion

As it turned out, Jesus did not go about fulfilling their expectations. To the contrary, Jesus let them down royally when he failed to excuse them from paying taxes in that pivotal moment when he wisely answered their loaded question about paying taxes by suggesting they “Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.” Taxes were one of the chief contentions between the Jews and the Romans. Their refusal to pay Caesar’s taxes did not sit well with Caesar, as one can imagine. Then there was the issue of Jesus’ failure to be their temporal king and leader of their revolution. “My kingdom is not of this world,” Jesus had told them on more than one occasion, and repeated it at his trial before Pontius Pilate. “They had to get rid of Jesus and find a leader more amenable to their agenda, such as his brother James who was leading the community of messianic Jews in Jerusalem after Jesus was out of the picture.”

We must take note here that it was the Zealots and not the Jewish people in general who were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus. If they couldn’t have a temporal king, they could at least have a martyr.

The origins of Christianity and Catholicism

Returning to the subject of the origin of the Christian religion, as I stated earlier, it was the Roman Emperor Constantine some 325 years after Jesus’s life and alleged crucifixion who, in a grab for power and control over an increasing Christian populace, and for the sake of unity in his empire, decreed that Jesus was the Son of God and the founder of Christianity. He simply made Christianity the official religion of Rome to unify his empire:

Constantine . . . called the Council of Nicaea to oppose the ideas of the heretic Arius. The aim was to get support for the idea that Jesus Christ was “of one being” with God the Father, a claim that Arius and others disputed; for them, Jesus was not divine. As Princeton’s Professor Elaine Pagels dryly observes, “Those who opposed this phrase pointed out that it occurs neither in the Scripture nor in Christian tradition.” But the objections proved of no consequence to the politically ruthless theologians who traveled to Nicaea with a set agenda in mind.

By this decision, the Council of Nicaea created the literally fantastic Jesus of faith and adopted the pretense that this was a historically accurate rendering. Its actions also established the criteria by which the New Testament books would later be chosen. The Council of Nicaea produced a world of Christianity where a code of belief was held in common. Anything different was to be deemed heresy and to be rejected and, if possible, exterminated.

Enter the “Inquisitors”

What followed is a bloody chapter in the history of early Catholicism. Baigent retells this bloody history of the “Inquisitors,” who became “the Church’s killers — their army of secret informers,ruthless interrogators, and cold judges, all acting in the name of Christ.” Pope Damasus I (366-84) hired a group of killers to spend three days massacring his opponents.”

The next bloody chapters started in the 12th century and lasted over a thousand years of what was called the “Holy Inquisition” by which hundreds of thousands of non-believers – heretics and witches – were massacred, many burned alive for not embracing Constantine’s and Rome’s version of Christianity. The Dominicans played a central role as the Church’s killers. “The Inquisition boasted that over the course of 150 years it burned approximately thirty-thousand women — all innocent victims of a Church-sanctioned pathological fantasy.”

One particularly bloody chapter was the extermination of the Cathars of Languedoc in Southern France. These were

“holy men and women who embraced a life of renunciation, spirituality, and simplicity — les Bonhommes, they called themselves, ‘The Good Men’ or ‘the Good Christians.’ They served a population who craved personal religious experience but whose needs were hardly served by the established church, which had abdicated its spiritual role for one more commercial and venal.”

The fault line between belief in and knowledge of truth

During the Second Century AD there was a “basic fault line that separated two strong traditions…: on the one side were those who sought knowledge [Gnostics], and on the other were those who were content with belief. It is important,” Baigent writes, “that we distinguish between the two since this fault line is one of the primary forces that ultimately crystallized the orthodox Christian position.”

Today we are seeing the emergence of something quite similar to what was then called “Gnosticism” as the truth again emerges through the quagmire of a spiritual revolution in which people the world over are awakening to the realization that we are divine, made in the image and likeness of God – gods incarnate in human form to co-create a Heaven here on Earth, fulfilling Jesus’s sole mission and purpose for incarnating two-thousand years ago. And this is my offering as a worthy and believable alternative to living in a system of belief that has too long denied the truth that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, within us and all around us. We are finally repenting – literally turning around – and seeing with new eyes that this truth is true and all is well. Unconquerable Life is prevailing over centuries of lies and deception.

I will end this post on that note, because this does present a worthy and believable alternative to Christianity, which is based on the Jesus of Faith rather than the Jesus of History.

In my next post, I will explore the historical records that shed light on the “eighteen missing years” of Jesus’s life of which there is no Biblical record. Until then,

Be love. Be loved.

Antony Palombo

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Comments on: "The “Jesus of History” . . . . Vs The “Jesus of Faith” Part 1" (6)

  1. Teresa Martinez said:

    It was so exciting to find another authority to agree with Deepak Chopra on THE THIRD JESUS!

    • Hello Teresa, and thank you for your comment. I am not familiar with “THE THIRD JESUS” is Deepak Chopra’s writings. In which of his books would one find this? Nice hearing from you.

  2. “There can be no unconditioned facts in a universe of motion. There can only be ever changing appearances of facts. All states of motion are relative and deceiving.”

    If this were so – which is a tongue-in-cheek concession to Walter’s ideas — where, therefore, would we rightly place factual change, and its factual relativity, in the actual ascension-process of creativity? It is an unconditioned fact that earth, water, and sunshine promote and sustain vegetation, and the seasonal-growth of vegetation, in which factual seeds (essential to continued factual creativity) will be factually born, miraculously rather than illusionary, from within the as yet unformed fruit of a tree’s blossoms; blossoms also not yet present before their factual seasonal appearance.

    “This truth is demonstrated in the daytime by the flowers that open with the daylight and close at night. Living things surge with life in the daylight and go to sleep at night.”

    Except for nocturnal species that do the opposite! There are other false assumptions in Walter’s work, such as creativity being a product of purely positive mental-activity, described as Mind, without regard to the complementary force of negative levity originating in and from our emotional powerhouse, but there is other timely work at hand; my tax returns and piano practice, but thanks, Anthony, and keep the stimulating thoughts flowing, as I know you will!

    Also, again, please note my new email address: — as the hotmail account is problematic and therefore being phased out; thanks.


    • “Factual changes” are nothing more than the energy of light shifting frequencies. What we have called “facts” are but illusions produced by shape-shifting energy patterns.
      Your last paragraph tells me that you are not familiar with Walter Russell. I have taken one topic out of the context of his book THE UNIVERSAL ONE. But just to attempt an answer to your question, human emotion has no influence or impact on electricity and magnetism, which is the topic of this excerpt. Thanks for taking time away from your piano practice and tax returns to write a comment. Have a great day.

  3. Dear Tony – thanks again for sharing your thoughts and excerpts. Out of interest, and as I recall I asked before, do we at some point come to an understanding of why things went wrong in the first place, and then still remained unresolved at every subsequent point of nearing a completion of restoration, before the fall of the previous civilisations?

    The restoration of Man – (not man-kind, the false identity sired by the Adam strain, but Divine Man, male and female, of whom a remnant remains who host the collective element of God-Being) – to the consciousness of the One Who Dwells, in heaven on earth, is the only solution to the appalling conditions of unrest always headlining media news. Unfortunately, some of those who are sustaining “the corruption festering in high places of government and Corporate America” are “in their right minds”, but with wrong motivations – such as war — due to false religious persuasion and subsequent patriotism, the foundation of race-hatred.

    Should we wish to avoid repeating those sad failures to complete the restoration process yet again – and I understand this present opportunity has been described as the last one possible – the cause-of-failure must be understood among those of us who are assuming responsibility for safeguarding the presence of the One Who Dwells. I trust that makes perfect sense and will not be overlooked or ignored!

    To not do so, and to not face, and be turned from, what has sustained the sad repetition of failure, just prior to completion in previously God-given opportunities of Cosmic alignment, will certainly risk another (probably last) failure.

    While it is now glaringly obvious why the Ministry-of-Truth initiated and made available by Jesus failed due to the exile of John, the youngest disciple, and the Ministry usurped by impetuous Peter, it is not yet clear to some why the Ministry of Uranda collapsed, and this is something that must be faced, if the success of its resurrection is to succeed in the same manner that was accomplished by Jesus – the same as the mass-ascension of the Sons and Daughters of God when it became obvious that the rogue-element of those days was beyond the pale of reason, and would not be turned, in repentance, to know the truth. Even in America, nobody is free who knows not the truth.

    As you recall, from your OT readings, the rogue element paired with the daughters-of-men from the Adam strain, from which issued the race of man-kind that has subsequently devolved into many races, and mongrel species including apes. Dinosaur matings no doubt contributed to the reptilian species before they died out – not from the impact of a comet, but from the changed and oxygen-deficient atmosphere that could no longer bear and sustain creatures of their size; much the same as the giants who did not survive long after the longevity of humanity dropped from thousands of years to mere decades.

    You should also enjoy reading about that in Genesis, and certainly benefit from comparing the Creation-story of God – brief as it is, but complete – compared with the imitation creation-story of the imposter’s record, which is incomplete, going on for around 20,000 years from 18,000 BC as Uranda calculated using the precession of the equinoxes.

    As and when the churches and their cohort-cults finally come to a courtroom trial, through exposure, the rogue-element of the Sons-of-God who usurped the Government of God towards the end of the Golden Age, hived-off part of Eden for a private garden, and started a slave-race of their own from the loins of Adam – their one-off male imitation, before Eve was cloned and added to compensate for another one of their numerous errors in hindsight – those who composed the rogue-element will go on record as the first criminals on Earth; the Fall, so-called, being their first crime, as yet unresolved, and which also initiated and sustains the so-called ‘oldest profession’ of wanton women.

    If you would find some teamwork of assistance to cover the similarities, and contrasts to the Divine Design found between the first two chapters of Genesis, where the lawlessness was originally initiated, I’d be happy to participate with you in resolving this matter of shared interest. Nothing of the truth will be lost, but two-in-agreement will certainly expedite the long-awaited resolution to the diabolical fallen state, and particularly to what you find appalling about the intolerable hypocrisy and injustice currently going on along the southern man-made border of your part of the un-united world.

    Thanks again Tony, I look forward to your reply. Kind regards, Love and light, Peter


  4. Thank you Anthony – this Post is an excellent assessment of humanity in its present state, and its possibility of progress, ascension – in the Way-of-Life — or demise, if it fails to respond to the tone of life. I also appreciate your mention of needing to fly solo in order to fulfil your unique role in the divine design. While nobody else can do that for you, I doubt any of us would have come this far without Uranda’s Classes and Martin’s subsequent Services. I look forward to your next Post in this series.

    Best regards, Peter


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