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Light Divine, the Great Creator of the Universe

In all living nature (and maybe even in that which we regard as dead) love is a force inciting creative activity in the most varied directions.” —P.D. Ouspensky

We are definitely on a ‘new’ frontier!”exclaims poet and author Don Hynes in response to my previous post “Visionary Activism.” And so we are. That frontier is the vibrational gateway to the “Whole Holy World,” as contemporary prophet and visionary Lloyd A. Meeker (Uranda) describes the Inner and Outer Realms of Universal Realty—which includes the inner heavenly realms of Creator Beings and the outer earthly realms of Creation, where lords and angels incarnate to exercise dominion and steward the Creative Process.

We are currently moving through the second quarter of the 12th Creative Day, an Air cycle, the second of the Four Creative Forces of Water, Air, Earth and Fire, and rising up to the next octave in the score of the Music of the Spheres, which is an Earth cycle (1 Day = 25,872 yrs). So, something is coming to bear in the planet itself of renewal and upgrading to a higher vibratory frequency, which includes the earth of our physical bodies as well. How harmoniously we transition with the Earth is largely dependent upon the degree to which a critical mass of Humanity is restored to true harmonization with the Cosmic Plan of Restoration in this Air cycle — air signifying spirit. Our harmonization with the Spirit of God is critical to our evolution to a higher vibratory frequency and subsequent ascension out of the darkness of the olden days and into the Light of the New Day dawning. (Click on the image below to enlarge)


The “Spirit of God”— the One Tone of Love — was all there was before the heaven and the earth were created, in that order, along with all else that followed. “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters; and God said, Let there be light.” The Word, a Vibration, moved out into the formless “void” that would soon be filled with the earth and all of its vegetation and living creatures: the birds of the air and fish of sea and creeping, crawling critters . . . and Man, male and female, made in God’s image and likeness. And with that light of the Word of God, and the assistance of Man’s manifesting capacity of Consciousness, We manifested this Solar Entity as a dwelling place in the darkness of the deep of space, a Home among the stars of the Milky Way Galaxy for God and Man to dwell together as One, in peace and harmony.

The Vibration of the One Tone set into motion a vast multitude of overtone and undertones that composed the “Music of the Spheres” and the Matrix for Creation — “when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” We shout for joy once again as we hear and listen to the morning stars singing their celestial music together, joining our voices in the refrain: “Glory to God in the Highest and peace on earth to all people everywhere.”

This, my dear and faithful readers, is the New Frontier upon which we have embarked and are being required to embrace fully . . . new, that is, to us, and only by reason of its absence from our conscious awareness all these thousands of years (28,183 to be exact) . . . and we’ve only begun awakening to the vastness of our cosmic environment and context in the last 400 years since Galileo gave us the telescope. Now we can peer deeply out into the Universe of stars and galaxies, nebulae and black holes with powerful telescopes and roving satellites launched into outer space . . . even as the veil between the realms thins and opens a sacred space for beings in both heaven and earth to commune and communicate with one another. That space is the “Imaginal Realm” that Cynthia Boureault explores in The Eye of the Heart.


Coming back to my poet friend Don Hynes and his comment on a post by Will Wilkinson on Visionary Activism, referencing his commentary on how he responded to a seemingly random thought about his deceased mother, Don wrote:

I’m interested in the origin of the “thought” of your mother. Could that “thought” be a “communication” with “higher” intelligence, that “voice” a direct link to a “guidance” within and without? Rather than a “random” thought, an intentional prod toward a depth of feeling contained in the synapses of memory? A “feeling” as you put it, that urges toward compassion. Perhaps we have partners in “activation” that we might access when we consciously open up the lines of communication and link our incarnate Self to Source. Might our minds be the access tool for this connection, our hearts be the instrument upon which “We” play, and this “activation” as you term it, be the next frontier in conscious evolution?

I am reminded of words I wrote in the foreword of SACRED ANATOMY three decades ago:

What if we sang songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Creator all day long in harmony with our fellow angels in the invisible Realms of Light, whom we could hear and see, and the “lost chord” would once again resound in heaven on earth?

What if we actually knew each other as angels and called each other by our tonal, angelic names and that we loved one another so much that we could do no harm but only blessing toward one another? What if we knew only oneness and isolation were not even possible?

I believe that we experienced these things at one time in a garden state and that we are destined to return to this state collectively. I believe that the kingdom of heaven is truly at hand, not only within us but all around us, and that we have the equipment in our sacred human anatomy and physiology to see it and enter into it to bring heaven into our experience on earth now. I believe that ascension is not only possible for us but is already in process and will shortly begin manifesting as a natural part of our life cycle here on earth. This I know: the Way of ascension is available to us now.

That technology originates from a level or three above the earthly level of our anatomy and physiology. Let me introduce you to the vast scope of this new frontier as mapped out by George Gurdjieff in what he called “The Law of Three” and “The Law of Seven.”

“The “Law of Seven” is described by Gurdjieff as the first fundamental cosmic law. This law is used to explain process. The basic principle of the law of seven explains why nothing in nature and in life constantly occurs in a straight line, that is to say that there are always ups and downs in life which occur lawfully.”


Everything in the universe is created and sustained by vibrations — energy enlivening matter produces vibrations. Thoughts and feelings are vibrations, the wind rustling in the leaves is vibration, light reaching us from the sun and the stars is vibration. The whole of our life is vibration, everything that we perceive through our senses and everything we think feel and do.

Music is vibration – the emotional vibrations of a violinist’s inspiration, transmitted through the bow that enlivens the strings to vibrate and move an audience to tears, all this is vibration at every step. Understanding vibration is one way to grasp the essential unity that gives meaning to life.

The Law of Three determines the character and nature of a vibration and the Law of Seven determines how vibrations develop, interact and change. An octave is a repetitive motion. A succession of waves may be building up or dying away — forming an ascending or a descending octave. Each wave is similar but different to the one before and the one after.

The Law of Seven also shows the points in the scale [Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do] where the rate of increase or decrease of frequency of any vibration slows down. Between Mi-Fa and Si-Do are ‘intervals,’ where a different, extra energy is required to maintain the original impetus. These ‘intervals’ are responsible for the frequent unpredictability of human aims and endeavours.

Different processes, according to the Law of Three, determine which intervals will be filled naturally, so that the progress continues uninterrupted to completion, and also reveal those that require an extra force to be given, without which the progress of the octave will halt or change direction.

We are most conscious of our failures when dealing with new situations, where often ‘things don’t work out’. But lots of things in human society do work out, at least usually. Houses, ships, cars get built; food gets produced and marketed; money gets earned and spent; laws get passed; babies get born. Many other things, new plans and initiatives, just peter out and fade away from lack of the right energy or turn into something quite different from the original conception. Understanding the law of seven is the key to learning how to finish what we start and what to expect along the way.

Depending on whether the octave is ascending or descending and knowing the time scale that applies to any particular example, the intervals can be expected and seen quite clearly. Waiting to cross a busy road it may seem that the stream of traffic will never ease up. Knowing that an ‘interval’ will always occur can avoid much impatience or even a nasty accident.

An ascending octave is like going uphill; it needs effort at every step. Descending octaves are like going downhill; the process is more automatic and goes on by itself after the first step is taken . . . .

The physical world is interpenetrated by the subtle world and the subtle world by the causal world as inner octaves of vibration. . . .

Ouspensky Today (

If you get the impression that the new frontier has something to do with music, then you’re spot on. It is about music — the “Musica Universalis” or Music of the Spheres — inaudible but deeply impactful to our lives on planet Earth . . . as well as to our audible music, as we shall see. “This celestial music is everywhere and nowhere; it is the music of movement between the planets, the members of our solar system”. . . and between suns, solar systems and all heavenly bodies, and between partners in activation on this new frontier. It’s the music of love.


Man has been mostly in a descending octave ever since his first step out of the Garden. Failure has been too prevalent in past cycles of restoration all down through the ages, symptomatic of a lack of love of God and of neighbor in the lives of human beings. Love never fails, as Paul wrote in his epistle to the Corinthians:

Love suffereth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Love never faileth.

The ascending cycle we are currently experiencing, initiated by the Lord of Love himself two-thousand years ago, shall not fail. As stewards of the ongoing cycles of evolution and restoration, much of our work lies in providing the impetus through our “Love casting” — upward as a tithe to the One and outward in blessing to our world — that will move the ascending process forward and upward across the Si/Do bridge interval and on up to the next octave. This takes a certain amount of conscious effort to act deliberately.

Creative vibrations, emanating in the Tone of the Word, ascend and descend along the path of the scale of musical tones moving energy — all of which provides us with a segue to the next level of consideration: Gurdjieff’s “Ray of Creation.” For this I will bring in Cynthia Bourgeault as a guide through “worlds within worlds.” I welcome your thoughts and insights. Until my next post,

Be love. Be loved.


Comments on: "Love, the Activating Force on the New Frontier" (2)

  1. Dear Tony,

    This is a beautiful post. The historical scheme may be questioned but the vibration is perfect. In this air cycle of awakening our purpose is to accelerate human consciousness that it may rise with the ascending vibration of the Sun enveloping the Earth. Of course the specific consciousness is my own, the individual always, but also to befriend each other in this task, those seen and unseen, known and unknown, that all may rise in this new day. If you will allow, I’ll close with a few poetic words that might add to your masterwork:

    We are an old people,
    the stories say among the first,
    who walked the land
    when fresh with the Creator’s touch.
    Though scarred with years of trouble
    we still sing the blessing songs,
    greeting the Sun each day
    with the thankfulness it deserves.
    And so I sing for you this morning
    a song of your belonging,
    child of a distant Light
    and ancient Mother,
    may you walk in beauty
    all your days, and if forgotten
    may this song remind you.

  2. […] reminds us in his Law of Seven (also called the Law of Octaves) — which I explored in my previous post — “nothing continues forever.” Creation unfolds within an energetic and musical […]

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