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We shall bear the image of the heavenly . . . . I show you a mystery, we shall all be changed in the twinkling of an eye . . . the corruptible must  put on incorruption, and the mortal must put on immortality.  I Corinthians 15:49-53

Tibetan Buddhists practice the “Rainbow Body,” the apparent dematerialization and transmutation of the physical body. The practice may be spread out over many years of meditation until the actual transfiguration is achieved — although more as a gift of spirit than an achievement of mental effort.  A Biblical passage tells of a “tranfiguration” of Jesus wherein he appeared in a glorious form with Moses and Elijah in the presence of three of his disciples, and another of his glorified body being resurrected from the grave.  What follows here may give us some inkling of the potential inherent in our own sacred anatomy.

The Sufi call it “the most sacred body” and the “supracelestial body.”  Taoists call it “the diamond body,” and those who have attained it are called “the immortals” and “the cloud walkers.”   In various other traditions it is called by such descriptive names as “the divine body” (Trantric yoga), “the body of bliss” (Kriya yoga), “the superconductive body” (Zoroastrian Vendanta), “the luminous body or being” (ancient Egypt), “the radiant body” (Gnosticism), “the perfect body” (Mithraic liturgy), “the immortal body” (Hermetic Corpus), and “the Golden Body” (Emerald Tablets of the alchemical tradition). 

Here is a description of the process taken from Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and reprinted in David Wilcock’s book, The Source Field Investigations. (Click on all three of these pictures to enlarge them.)

This is one of many depictions of the Rainbow Body from Tibet

Body of Light: Tibetan, ja-lus.  Also known as the “rainbow body.”  Certain realized beings . . . achieve the transformation of their ordinary bodies into a Body of Light. . . . In this process the physical body dissolves into its natural state, which is that of Clear Light.  As the elements of the body are purified, they transform from their gross manifestation (body, flesh, bones, etc.) into their pure essence as the five colors: blue, green, white, red and golden yellow.  As the body dissolves into these five colors a rainbow is formed, and all that remains of the physical body are fingernails and hair. . . .

Over 160,000 documented cases of the Rainbow Body have occurred in Tibet and India alone.  Wilcock cites a most extraordinary event that took place in Kham, a small village in Tibet, in 1998, when a Gelugpa monk, Khenpo A-chos, died leaving nothing of his earthly form behind.  He was described as having a warm, spiritual nature that touched everyone he met. . . . he often spoke of the importance of cultivating compassion. He had the ability to teach even the roughest and toughest of types how to be a little gentler, a little more mindful. . . . The witnesses reported a rainbow appearing over Khenpo A-chos’s hut a few days before he died, and that “dozens of rainbows appeared in the sky afterward.  He was not sick and nothing appeared to be wrong with him — he simply chanted a mantra.

According to the eyewitnesses, after his breath stopped his flesh became kind of pinkish. One person said it turned brilliant white. All said it started to shine. Lama A-chos suggested wrapping his friend’s body in a yellow robe, the type all Gelug monks wear. As the days passed, they maintained they could see, through the robe, that his bones and his body were shrinking. They also heard beautiful, mysterious music coming from the sky, and they smelled perfume. After seven days, they removed the yellow cloth, and no body remained. Lama Norta and a few other individuals claimed that after his death Khenpo A-chos appeared to them in visions and dreams … Lama A-chos told Tiso that it takes sixty years of intensive practice to achieve the rainbow body. “Whether it always takes that long, I don’t know,” acknowledges Tiso, “but we would like to be able to incorporate, in a respectful way, some of these practices into our own Western philosophical and religious traditions.” … To our knowledge, says Tiso, the bodies of most Christian saints did not disappear or shrink after their deaths …. However, he adds, bodily ascensions are mentioned in the Bible and other traditional texts for Enoch, Mary, Elijah, and possibly Moses. And there are numerous stories of saints materializing after their death, similar to the widespread phenomenon known as the “light- body.?” 


Wilcock concludes this investigation in words only he could craft, so I will let him speak in his own words.

Given all that we have learned, how can we analyze and hope to understand such an incredible series of prophecies scientifically? Clearly there is a wealth of evidence suggesting that the ancients were absolutely convinced that major events would be heading our way as we go through the shift into the Age of Aquarius. We’ve seen proof that the Maya calendar corresponds to real cycles in the solar system that may well be driven by the galaxy-cycles that are now causing us to experience interplanetary climate change as we head into the Age of Aquarius. We’ve seen many ancient prophecies describing the coming of a Golden Age, where humans would again be as gods. This obviously shows us much more is at work than just a major catastrophe, as so many 20I2 scholars have concluded. In fact, I firmly believe these disaster prophecies are a misunderstanding, and we’re already seeing the worst of the Earth Changes right now. We appear to be in safe hands-guided through an evolutionary process by forces much greater than most of us could ever comprehend. 

All these ancient traditions suggest that humanity is undergoing some type of evolutionary event. The Tibetan Rainbow Body observations give strong support to Biblical prophecies suggesting that we may transform into some sort of energetic body-the Perfected Body. Hence the American founding fathers and others often called themselves the “Perfectibilists.” 

Obviously there is no way to know if we will transform into a light body of some sort-but we do now know we are going through a rapid phase of evolution, on a direct, biological level. Our civilization has grown by leaps and bounds within the last few hundred years, and it appears that greater forces are at work-forces that the ancients may have known much more about than we do now. One thing is for certain: The old models of a human body as a random genetic accident that only showed up on earth by Darwinian mutations must be thrown out. In fact, we have suffered under a variety of illusions about who and what we are that have kept us trapped in a prison of materialistic thought. Our bodies grow out of, and are nurtured by, a hidden energy field unknown to the Western mainstream scientific community. This field ultimatelunifies all of our thoughts together as Onein directly measurable, provable ways. With this knowledge come powerful new tools that help us evolve as conscious beings. We gain remarkable new methods to heal ourselves and expand our own evolution in a remarkably short time. We have clearly shown how the ancient stone relics of a lost Golden Age point toward the elaborate, technological use of these energy fields. The year 2012 may represent a time when we begin to collectively rediscover this lost science-and start using it to heal ourselves and our planet.


The  Zorastrian traditions speak of a coming time where “the Golden One shall arise again in the whole earth.”  That sounds like a collective ONE comprised of all beings incarnate on the planet.  Wilcock has worked out the math based on Mayan lengths of time periods (such as the 20-year katun), where the founding of the United States falls on a katun shift in the Mayan calendar.  The Mesoamerican natives used a thirteen-katun system, (about 256 years) to count time.  The pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States has 13 levels plus an invisible capstone, each level representing 19.7 years, which, when added up, come to 256 years.  From the time of the founding of the United States in 1776, which marked the end of a katun that started in 1756, up until the present year, the top thirteenth course of the pyramid would end in 2012.

Wilcock and other authors believe that a time-coded prophecy may be revealed here.  At the top of the pyramid is the single Eye of the Divine Godhead occupying the space of the invisible capstone.  This Eye may also represent the pineal gland, which is foretold to open in  the final twenty-years katun between 2012 and 2032.  

Interestingly, if you look up into the dome of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., you will see a painting called The Apotheosis of Washington, where he is sitting on a rainbow, indicating that he has transformed himself into a divine state — man becoming God.

There’s also a ring of 72 five-pointed stars surrounding this image, adding up to a total of 360 star points, which, when multiplied by the number of stars, comes to 25,920, the length of the precession of the earth’s axis through the Zodiac and the Mayan Long-Count calendar.  Additionally, every other star in the ring has a pine cone pointing at it from the outside, and farther down within the pineal-shaped dome you see a frieze depicting Cortes conquering the Aztecs, whose calendar also ends in 2012.  We also see the image of a serpent curled around a jar of fire, which, writes Wilcock, may again symbolize the awakened pineal gland.  

Wilcock’s commentary at the end of this section conveys his assessment that no matter what lies and corruption are now so obviously displayed by various world governments,  it does seem that America was secretly founded to help fulfill ancient prophecies.  Then he adds this interesting viewpoint:

In no way do I believe the elite are going to be able to create a new world dictatorship.  The very essence of the science and prophecies we’ve detailed in this book show that the change we are going through is woven directly into our DNA. No government can stage-manage or control this process.  The United States may have been intended to help pave the way for this transformation, such as by creating a system of laws that encourage freedom of the press, freedom of  religion and freedom from tyranny — but ultimately it is the galaxy, the Sun and earth itself that are directing this evolutionary process, as well as various relatives we appear to have.   


In closing this post, I will share with you a perspective from a good friend whose father, John Waskom, was a professor of geology at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La.  David has shared this perspective with friends in times past, passing on his father’s wisdom and insight into the planetary posturing that has been going on for some time now — actually for 5000 years since the time of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea for the children of Israel in their Exodus from Egypt, a dramatic celestial drama for sure, when Venus was a comet that jarred Mars from its orbit, who in turn helped capture Venus and make her one of our sister planets, a cataclysmic event that wrecked havoc on planet Earth, as you can imagine. You can read more about this in Immanuel Velikovsky’s 1955 books Worlds In Collision and Earth In Upheaval.  In an recent email David Waskom wrote:

I wanted to send this to some of my friends who think that global warming is caused by man-made issues.  I have been saying for years that the Earth is shifting upright on its axis.  As you know, my geologist father caused me to be a student of how the Earth works in relationship to our galaxy.  When the Earth shifted on its axis, it did so quickly, thus causing dinosaurs to be frozen with food still in their stomachs.  The shift caused the Earth to wobble in its rotation around the Sun so ice developed on the polar caps to stabilize the wobble and allow life to be sustainable on the planet.  Now we are shifting back the other way (and the wobble is reducing). As that happens, the ice caps are no longer needed as much so the ice is retreating. Finally the truth is starting to come out and of all things reported on NBC.  Let’s see how long before they admit that the ice cap retreat is due to the reduction in the wobble and has nothing whatsoever to do with man-made global warming.  We are becoming a tropical planet again like we were before the shift happened, so warming is a natural extension of the shift. My pilot friends have been telling me about the magnetic shift taking place for years.

Here’s the NBC News clip:

Tune in to my next blog post for an ongoing exploration of rogue science projects and ancient technology emerging into the light of day in our time.  We will consider galactic cycles that are bringing on energetic intensities that are making possible the transformation of human consciousness and the escalation of evolution on the planet, including our own evolution to a higher level of coherence in our human forms.  We will specifically look at global warming as a cosmic event that has little if anything to do with human activity on the planet and is happening throughout the solar system.  Exciting times!  So glad we’re all on hand to witness and help steward these unfolding cosmic events.  Until we meet again,

Be love. Be loved.  ~Anthony

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Comments on: "Dawn of a Golden Age: Apotheosis and the Rainbow Body" (3)

  1. Reblogged this on Expand Yourself: Expanding Consciousness and commented:
    Ascension DNA Photonic Light Ugrading codons unlocking dormant strands. As they activate the nervous system, endocrine (chakras)— Third eye universal wifi system tuned into more information. We’re living in the age of information too. Seen by linear logic hemisphere, we know that of course it is inevitable that “all that remained
    Hidden shall be revealed.” – Ancient Egypt/Buddha: Truth cannot remain king hidden.
    Universe Expands, Information via technology expands physically, consciousness expands with the cosmos as we are apertures of the universe. Great time to be alive. East & West merge, Meditation and mindfulness the norm; Left & Right brain hemisphere balance; Madculine and feminine, testosterone & estrogen. The balance was thrown off, The lower vibrations keeping the masses in dormant DNA strands, and left brain, egoism; submissive/insecurities/victimization/etc. (psychological warfare) extorting us, but the 2012 shift happened, the photons and vibrational frequency of the Earth’s Schumann resonance has been rising. The solar flares lighting up our Pineals-Endocrine Glands, harmonizing disorder. We came to experience darkness in order to transcend it into light again. Darkness once transmuted into light = enlightenment integration. Wholeness nonduality-Light; The amnesia lifted as we are transcending the levels of consciousness. The more we vibrate high, becoming lighter, time becomes nonlinear, beyond relativity as all is now. Old paradigms cannot exist in the higher frequency ranges we rise into.
    Phoenix Rises,
    Light Body Activations for all.

    • Thank you for your comment and contribution to this consideration – and for re-posting my blog article. These are truly exciting days to be on planet Earth. What you describe in your comment is already underway. I noted in a news item yesterday that at one grade school children who “misbehave” are sent to a quiet room and told to meditate instead of being punished. They are instructed to consider their behavior and how to listen to their inner guide as to how they might change that behavior. Meditation has become a norm for many in the West. East and West have integrated at the level of consciousness – what I call the “heaven” – and this integration is already appearing at the level of human civilization, especially here in America – in spite of the efforts to close our borders to “illegal” emigrants. There’s no such thing as an illegal emigrant in the cosmic order. Another observation I have made in my energy healing work and exploration is the vibrational frequency of the pineal gland has shifted upward from an F to an F# in those with whom I’ve worked, most of whom have been on a spiritual transformation path for some years. This shift has affected the entire endocrine and chakra systems and is impacting the cellular bio-molecular body. Ascension IS in progress. Attunement with Love is inevitable. We are being changed “in the twinkling of an eye” – a cosmic twinkling. Again, thank you for engaging with me on this exciting consideration. ~Tony Palombo

      • It definitely is. I’m seeing it everywhere reading tons of stories of others awakening experiences.
        Very exciting and wonderful.
        Indeed, ascension is built in.
        Cellular memories are being understood collectively.

        “From an F to an F# in those whom I’ve worked,” awesome observation, noted. “Spirituality is a warm-up act for surrender.”
        Yes many are re-realizing, self trust to allow higher mind the quantum scalar field to work through us. Empowerment.

        “taking their power back.” – Law of attraction, vibration, 7 hermetic principles.

        A wonderful renaissance era.

        “The reason why the Divine created a world such as this, to undertake infinite lifetimes and to celebrate the completion of the Divine plan through an Ascension scenario.. is because the Divine is already all-knowing, ever-creative, and absolutely powerful, but the Divine doesn’t know how to live. So the Divine incarnates into a world of its own creation to learn how to live in a world of infinite self-reflection.” – Matt Kahn

        “The fulfillment of the Divine plan is the mastering of relationships. The mastering of relationship between you and your world, between your mind and your heart, between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, between self and soul.” – Matt Kahn

        Definitely going to check out your book!
        – Tobias

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