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Finding Attunement With Peace


  It is peaceful at the core of being.

  In attunement we turn and open to that peace within. Once the inner door is opened, peace begins to spread throughout the body. In such peace, cells relax and begin to repair themselves. Communication between the brain and the cells of the body becomes clearer. Harmony between the parts begins to return. With harmony and peace comes healing of body-mind and soul.

An example of how attunement helps in changing the cause of dis-ease is a case I had recently where the elderly gentleman I was treating for a pelvis problem was not responding to traditional chiropractic care. The more I adjusted his bones the worse the pain got, so I quit adjusting them one day and instead shared an attunement with him. I focused particularly on the energy grid that holds the bones in alignment, going over it three times until the “pattern” of disturbed energy began to “clear.” I could feel it becoming more and more at ease as I applied the healing current. We worked together for an hour, and when he got up he was almost totally without pain. When he returned in a couple of days, he was not hurting at all, so I didn’t reschedule him.

We live in a civilization that has become addicted to doing something physical and/or chemical from outside-in to diminish pain and suffering. It takes deliberate action to break away from such addictive behavior and to let spirit work in our bodies, minds and hearts – in our lives – from within us. Attunement affords such an opportunity. In an attunement session, one simply sits or lies there and receives from and through the practitioner, who also sits or stands there with outstretched hands administering the healing current to specific centers of energy. The “action” is taking place in the more subtle, invisible – though not entirely unfelt – realms of spirit. Changes occur. One definitely feels different. The only challenge, then, is to remain in attunement with love and keep the peaceful state within. That takes living at the level of spirit above the level of problems and dis-ease. It takes living out of love in peace. I would encourage you to take the time to share attunement with peace.  Simply sit comfortably and be still.   There’s no need to go looking for peace.   Peace will find you.

If you need help being still, listen to a CD of Gregorian Chant or some similar quieting music.  I use a CD by Jonathan Goldman entitled “The Ultimate OM,” available on-line through Amazon (see link below).  I use it sometimes while sharing attunement long distance.  The sacred sound provides a carrier wave for the healing current.  It moves energy at deep levels of the heart and body.  The C Major drone is sustained for an entire hour with occasional overtones (harmonics) interspersed throughout.  Use it as background music to put your baby or young child to sleep, or during the day or evening to created a peaceful atmosphere.  It’s particularly ideal for meditation. 

I offer attunements long distance on the basis of a love offering.  It takes only fifteen or twenty minutes, but the feeling of peace and love is nothing short of miraculous.   Call me and I’ll share attunement with you.  My cell phone number is (337) 802-5510.

Peace and love,

Tony Palombo

Order Jonathan’s CD at:

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