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Sacred Anatomy


Note: This is a lengthy post about my life’s work.  It is an important read that is pertinent to the times and to how your personal transformation is related to cosmic events underway. Thank you for reading it to the end.

My Chorale PicAt this moment  our solar system is crossing over to the other side of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Our star, Sol, will be in direct alignment with the Central Sun of the galaxy the night of the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012.   This marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the transition into a new era, an Era of Peace in the Aquarian Age.

My book, Sacred Anatomy, was written over a period of nine years during the same time this transition got underway (1987-95).  The book was first self-published in June of 2005.  It is an inspired writing which unfolded during my meditations on the beauty and perfection of design and function of the physical body working with its impeccable wisdom as a chiropractor and holistic practitioner over three decades.  Actually, it authored itself calling on me to write when it wanted to articulate its message more fully, much as a baby fleshing out and growing in the womb.  It is a pragmatic writing grounded on personal experience along my own spiritual path.

Therefore, it calibrates high on David Hawkins’ “Map of Consciousness.”  With the pendulum, it logged a calibration of 600, the level of “All-being, Perfect, Peace, Bliss, Illumination, Crown Chakra, infinite, unconditional love.”  On accuracy it calibrates at 86 for the entire book and 93-100 in six primary sections: Seven Spirits of Love poem (100), Seven Endocrine Seals (93), Part II The Inner Sanctum (100), chapters on the Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus and Thyroid, Pancreas and Adrenal glands (100).  And, for reasons likely related to interference and limitations of my own human consciousness and understanding of human sexuality, the chapter on the Gonads logged a mere 80 on accuracy, and the chapter on Sacred Sex a lesser degree of 63 — which simply means there is more to be brought into remembrance.

Its Message

Sacred Anatomy brings a message from the Great Spirit that all is well and that you have with you all that you need to function creatively in this rapidly changing environment.  In that respect, it is about You.  The real You.  The You who incarnated into this material plane, creating your earth-form in such a way as to provide you with exactly what you need to live on this planet and adapt to its ever-changing vibratory conditions.  That You is pure spirit, angelic in form and function, Godly in essence, Love at your very core.

Love is light, divine light, and just as sunlight is seven-dimensional, so is love light.  You are also seven-dimensional and you created a special anatomical structure to accommodate your seven-dimensional nature.  I call this special structure your “sacred anatomy.”

Your sacred anatomy is comprised primarily of your endocrine system of seven hormonal glands.  It works in concert with your seven chakras in managing your energetic exchange with the internal realm of spirit and the external realm of form and circumstance.  Your physical body is suspended between these two sacred energy managing systems where it dances the song of life in the fire of creation.

One of these endocrine glands plays a crucial role as the connecting point of spirit with flesh — of You with your incarnating capacity.  You enter your world through this sacred energy center situated between the three lobes of your brain.  From here it co-orchestrates the blending of divine light and sacred sound with the light of the sun coming in through the eyes and the sounds of the natural world to create life in your body temple and maintain its myriad and complex activities in a state of balance and harmony.

Upgrading Your Frequency

But even more pertinent to the times and the larger context of where we are in the cosmos now, this tiny gland is largely responsible for keeping your human capacity in sync with the ever-changing rhythms and transitional cycles of planetary movement through the heavens, specifically in this solar system – which I prefer to call a solar entity – and its movement within the Milky Way Galaxy.

As I mentioned, and as you already know,  a transition from one age to the next has been underway on planet Earth since the late 1980’s that will reach a climatic point on December 21, 2012, in the passage of our solar entity from one side of the galaxy to the other, crossing the galactic equator the night of the Winter Solstice — a date that marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of a new era.  Modern day prophetic authors, such as Major John Jenkins and Gregg Braden, have been apprising us about this cosmic event for many years.  One of the chapters in my book speaks in inspired detail to the role this special gland is playing even now to help make this transition possible for you and for every living creature on planet Earth, and particular human beings, the “crowning creation.”

In other words, we are entering a level of being where our current human forms will have to undergo change.  They are already in the process of ascension and are being “upgraded” to function at a higher vibratory frequency.  That frequency is ultimately the Tone of Love, the frequency at which we, as spiritual creator beings, are already vibrating.

In light of the transformation underway in our day, on our watch, and how we are being impacted on all  level — as well as how we impact the Whole on all levels by our behavior and activities — you will be well-informed and in deep awe, reading Sacred Anatomy, at the simplicity and practicality of design in your own energy anatomy that will continue to help make your transformation a natural and easy process.

Sacred Anatomy is written so that each chapter can be used as a meditation.  It is a profound journey across sacred terrain you will not want to miss; a journey that will bring you a deeper understanding of yourself as an incarnate creator being.

Spirit and flesh are dancing the eternal song of life — in the fire of creation — to the music of the spheres.  As the score of this music escalates in tempo and rhythm, so does the flesh want to pick up the pace.  This body temple will dance all the way back to Source as we let it go with the flow of the music.  It hungers for union with Source.  It longs to be engaged in the shared work of creation for which it was originally designed.  It wants its radiance back.  We alone can give it that radiance through our expression of love’s light in our living.   “In all things, give thanks.”

Sacred Anatomy shines light on the ascending path that leads to the restoration of these body temples to their glorious translucent state, where the light of love can shine once again on Earth through them straight out of heaven.

Ascension in the offing . . .

As I said, Sacred Anatomy is about You . . . and where you long to go . . . where we are all destined to go.  Did you ever have the feeling deep inside that you would go on living forever?  No, I don’t mean as a spiritual being, but as an incarnate spirit?  That your body did not have to die?  That you would simply transform it and take it with you when your journey here was complete for this cycle of incarnation?  I have had such thoughts and feelings all of my life — particularly when I was a young man awakening to the truth of who I Am and of what my mission is this time around. I believe these are valid thoughts and feelings we brought with us when we incarnated.  As you may recall, we did not always have to go through death’s door to re-enter the Realms of Light from which we came.  We simply came and then ascended after our mission was complete, many times just to receive our next commission.

I believe the Biblical promise that death for human beings on earth will soon be no more, that “the former things shall pass away” in one generation.  That generation is present on the planet now.  My generation was and is its bridge, its port of entry.   The generation we sired and birthed and generations to come shall go on to experience the promise of eternal life here in the kingdom of heaven on earth.  It is your destiny, dear children of the New Age.  Embrace it.  Bring it on.  You have our blessing and empowerment.

We have the power and divine technology in our sacred anatomy to create the alchemy that makes ascension and function at a higher level possible.   They are  “hard-wired” for this.  This is where we as a race are headed after 2012.  And in season we will travel through the many mansions of our Father’s house to come and go between heaven and earth, as we did in the Beginning of Creation, and to play our various parts in creating Eden here on Earth.

Finishing my life’s work . . . and on to the more . . . shaping hallowed space with sacred tones!

With this missive, I feel complete in one of the primary missions of my journey on the planet this time around. The other one is playing my part with fellow “angels of sound” in bringing the Sacred Healing Art of Attunement with Sacred Sound into the main stream of the healing arts . . . and even more so into the field of co-creation, as all things are made and held in form by sacred sound, the “Music of the Spheres.”   We may move out of the “healing our bodies” paradigm altogether and move beyond this limiting  – though necessary for now – activity into our real and exciting work of co-creating a new and beautiful world.  Many are thankfully about this work already, and I celebrate them all.  My soul already rests in peace as I see the dawning of this collective work among even a few groupings here and there, precious groupings every one.          –

In the words of a dear friend and angelic colleague, George Emery, “And there’s mooooooore!”  to come . . . and for us to bring to the planet and to our fellow human beings.   I will be about this part of my mission to the end of my journey here . . . and will likely return to enjoy it more fully.   For ALL of it, I give deep thanks to God and to all my fellow angels who have in many small and large ways contributed to me and to my life’s work and brought untold blessings to me and to others in this “Whole Holy World.”

Ordering my book in its second publication

I have just completed the second publication of Sacred Anatomy and the new books will be available in mid May, just in time for my 70th birthday on May 20th,2010.   For the first thirty days after its release, it will be available at the wholesale price of $28.00 plus a shipping and handling charge of $3.50. To order a copy, simply drop me an email at with your payment information and address and I will mail you a fresh copy just off the press (autographed upon request at no extra charge).

Thank you, and many blessings of love and light upon you and upon your journey through these amazing and historical days on Earth!

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