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4th Density Apocalypse 2012—Part 2:The Science of Ascension

Our Home among the stars
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While this image is dramatic, the moon is actually more than 1/4 the size of Earth


Wynn Free presents a compelling case for David Wilcock being the current incarnation of Edgar Cayce in their coauthored book, a fascinating read that was hard to put down.  I mean, the readings and channeling of the ancient Sun God Ra he documents are so hauntingly resonant with deeply buried memories of ancient days— “when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” Ra’s messages alone are charged by spirit with wisdom, love and compassion, echoing New Testament teachings.   Could this actually be a visitation from the Realms of Light bringing fair tidings to Earthlings to line up with the Tone of Love lest we be left behind as the Ascension, presently underway, takes the planet and all living beings on into the next level of the “Fourth Density?”  Well, not everyone.  Souls who are not ready to ascend to the fourth density will have to be transported to another third-density planet in the galaxy.  Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it, until you get into their book and realize that they are dead serious.

I’m going to skip through the first chapters of Wynn Free’s book wherein  he presents compelling evidence in his case for Edgar Cayce’s reincarnation in David Wilcock, and cut to the chase of what Free calls in chapter nineteen “A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension.”  But first let me introduce “Ra” to you as Cayce and Wilcock knew and channeled them.

Ra—The name of the “social memory complex” or “group soul” that is the source of David Wilcock’s  channelings and the hypothesized Source of Edgar Cayce. Also the name of the Egyptian Sun God, which was an early life of Edgar Cayce in Egypt.

According to the story in Wynn Free’s book, this “group soul” of beings live in the sixth density. They are called “wanderers” in the narrative. They have volunteered to descend into the third and fourth density in order to assist earthbound souls through the ascension process and transition to the fourth density.  Sounds like “a band of angels” and they’re “comin’ after me. Comin’ for to carry me home.”  It is said there’s a grain of truth in every belief and legend. 


The context of this 2012 event is at the end of a 75,000-year cycle in our solar system’s evolutionary journey through the Milky Way Galaxy.  That’s three 25,000-year cycles.  So, according to Wilcock’s 30 years of research, we’re entering the fourth 25,000-year cycle at this time where the “density” of substance is thinner than previously experienced.  

(For those who didn’t see it in my last post, I will embed again the six-minute YouTube clip of Wilcock’s radio interview with George Noory of 8/22/2011 on what’s called the “Montauk Project” where he describes this flash of white light that he says will occur on December 21, 2012 as the two timelines meet and cross one another.)  

Could this be the Apocalypse of light foretold by John in his Book of Revelation?  The dawning of a “new heaven and a new earth” he saw “coming down from God out of heaven” and filling the earth with light?  

And I  saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.  And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.  And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. . . .

And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, having the glory of god: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal . . . .

And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. . . .

And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.  And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it.  And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.  (Revelation: 21)

Sounds like an otherworldly state of being , one certainly different than what we’ve known and out of which we’ve lived our lives for millennia.  Perhaps the “Golden Age” of ancient prophecies Wilcock recalls in his writings.  

Now, the traditional Christian take on this passage from the Book of Revelation is that it describes “Heaven.”  Yet when the Master Jesus spoke of the “kingdom of heaven” he didn’t point to some place beyond this world but to a place within human beings and all around us.  “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” and “behold, the kingdom of heaven is within you” and “the kingdom of God is in the midst of you” are his recorded words in Sacred Scripture.  If anything can be said to be within us and in the midst of us, besides our Self, it is consciousness and the wonderful world of Creation sustained by life.  Life itself comes out of the kingdom of heaven within all things and manifests a world of form and function.  That’s what consciousness does: it serves the Creator in creating a world of various material densities.      

Anytime the words “city” and “Jerusalem” are used in the Bible, they are referring to a state of consciousness.  And every state, or level, of consciousness consists of a heaven and an earth, a place where spirit (God) dwells—a heaven—and a density of substance that manifests what is being created in that heaven—an earth.  Creator and creation are one.  They implicate one another. You can’t have a creator without a creation, and vice versa.  So, whatever John was describing here is taking place in consciousness and not up in the air.  It’s well grounded, in other words.  Paraphrasing, we could say: “And I saw a new state of consciousness . . . descending down from God out of heaven.”  Something’s coming down, down, down and not going up, up and away.

Now let’s compare John’s vision and revelation of “a new heaven and a new earth” to what Ra says via Wilcock about the ascension they say is underway from the third to the fourth density (and we’ll cover this in at least two posts). There’s a caution in Ra’s message not to try and grasp this with the mind, as the mind is a third-density capacity that can only comprehend 3-D forms, although some of this is 3-D cosmological science and physics. 


Wilcock’s research reveals that there are indeed strange things going on in our solar system. [I reported on these in earlier posts.] The following is excerpted and updated with permission from “The Spirit of Ma’at” (June 2001), and article entitled “A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension,” by David Wilcock as told to Wynn Free.  It is important to note that this excerpt casually mentions various facts that are explained in Wilcock’s “Convergence” series with much depth and documentation, so this should not be scrutinized as a scientific document. The “energy” referred to herein is technically known as “torsion radiation” in Wilcock’s books, or “light-love” in the “Law of One” series, and it is not yet acknowledged to exist by Western scientists, since it is not one of the four “accepted” energy fields—gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force. This energy is more closely related to the force of gravity than electromagnetism, and it has been demonstrated to have properties of consciousness in a variety of Russian laboratories, originally with the pioneering research of Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev.

And now, the gist of the article, with some updated embellishments (the large headings are subheads of the main title, “A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension”):

The “Holy Grail” of the scientific model I developed is the idea that our solar system is moving into a more energetic region of the galaxy, and that this in turn is creating changes that will lead to a global event most would only think of as science fiction, creating a new “Golden Age” of humanity. The case starts with Edgar Cayce reading 1602-003, which noted that by 1998, many changes would be visible as compared to the time of Edgar’s life in the 1930s. It did not say that 1998 was “the end,” just that it was a year within a “period” where solar activity would be at a peak and the changes would have become a lot more apparent. Pay special attention to the part that is in bold:

These [various changes] are at the periods [from 1998] when the cycle of the solar activity, or the years as related to the sun’s passage through the various spheres of activity become paramount … to the change between the Piscean and Aquarian age.

So then, what are the “spheres of activity” that Cayce’s Source said that our Sun is passing through, causing gradually increasing changes in the Sun and Earth? The word “spheres” is used loosely enough throughout the Cayce readings that it could simply mean “regions” or “centers.” There are at least five good quotes in the “Law of One” series that shed further light on this Cayce quote, but the best one came through after Don Elkins asked a question on July 18, 1981, as printed in Book Three, Session 63, page 95:

Questioner: Is there a clock-like face, shall I say, associated with the entire galaxy [dividing it up like a pie when looking at it from the top down], so that as it revolves it carries all of these stars and planetary systems through transitions from density to density? Is this how it works?

Ra: I am Ra. You are perceptive. You may see a three-dimensional clock face or spiral of endlessness which is planned by the Logos for this purpose.

So, if Ra and  Cayce are correct, then the galaxy has an organized energy structure that is divided into regions of different “density,” which the stars and planets pass through in precise cycles of time. The transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which most astronomers agree will occur in about 2011, would be the time when we will finish our movement into a higher “density” of energy in the galaxy. In Book One, Session 13, page 133 of the “Law of One” series, Ra supports this concept quite directly:

The fourth density is, as we have said, as regularized in its approach as the striking of a clock upon the hour. The space/time of your solar system has enabled this planetary sphere to spiral into space/time of  a different vibrational configuration ….

In Book One, Session 6, page 93, Dr. Elkins asked a question that led Ra to give a time-frame for the “striking of the hour” when the Earth would move into fourth density:

Ra: This sphere (Earth) … has not made an easy transition to the vibrations which beckon. This inconvenience … shall continue unabated for a period of approximately thirty of your years.

Questioner: After this period of thirty years (from the date of this session, January 24, 1981, thus 2011) I am assuming that Earth will be a fourth-density planet. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is so.

Questioner: Is it possible to estimate what percent of the present population will inhabit the fourth-density planet?

Ra: I am Ra. The harvesting is not yet, thus estimation is meaningless.

In this last quote from Book One, Session 17, page 166, Ra deals more specifically with the date:

Questioner: Am I to understand that the harvest is to occur in the year 2011, or will it be spread out?

Ra: I am Ra. This is an approximation. We have stated we have difficulty with your time/ space. This is an appropriate probable/possible time/space nexus for harvest. Those who are not in incarnation at this time will be included in the harvest.

Of course, Ra’s timeline fits in perfectly with the end-date of the Mayan Calendar, set for December 22, 2012. The Maya interpreted this date as a point when “time would stop” and humanity would enter into a new Golden Age. The keystone to all of this that we’re talking about—to everything we mentioned so far—is the idea that evolution must come on a mass scale, like the striking of the clock upon the hour. Ascension is not simply restricted to the Christian idea of the “rapture,” where Jesus comes back and ushers in a thousand years of peace. It’s a cosmic event, triggered by measurable scientific phenomena, prophesied in almost every major religious and spiritual tradition that has existed on the face of the Earth.

But that’s not the whole story.  I don’t quite know yet where the spirit will take us with all this, as there’s a lot of material to condense in just a few blog posts, so stay tuned and we’ll find out together.  ‘Till next we meet,

Be Love.  Be loved.


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Welcome  GUATEMALA! And BELGIUM! And GHANA! And IRAQ! And UKRAINE!  And MALTA! And SUDAN! Welcome all!


In Search of the Holy Grail of Free Energy

Free “green energy” technologies have been either bought out or forthrightly destroyed along with their inventors and their research laboratories.  What we are allowed to use for our energy are filthy carbon producing coal, toxin-producing petroleum, fracking-derived natural gas, and dangerously high-risk atom-smashing nuclear energies —all very costly methods of extracting energy from the Earth.

Unlike the natural world that runs on limitless energy derived from fusion, our scientists and industrialists continue to insist that fission is the best way to harvest energy from the Universe by burning Earth’s natural resources and smashing atoms. It’s time for a new approach to harvesting energy from the the natural world that doesn’t entail destroying it . . . along with ourselves. 

Over the last couple of centuries up until the present day, rogue scientists and inventors have developed clean energy technologies.  Some of them have been implemented, like solar panels and windmills.  Michael Faraday (1791-1867) gave us electromagnetism.  NikolaTesla (1856-1943) has given us electrical powered automobile technology.  John Bedini and Jim Watson (1984) gave us the “Free Energy Generator” he called the “Energizer.”  Dr. Royal Rife and John Crane (1930’s) gave us the “gated Rife frequency” technology as an absolute 100% cure for cancer. Way before these inventors, ancient Egyptian physicists  gave the world “Pyramid Power,” which I’ll be exploring shortly in this blog.

I just noticed a post on Face Book about “cold fusion” and the two men who discovered it, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann.  “…they’d observed low-energy nuclear reactions, or LENR, at the atomic level that generated excess heat, holding out the promise of ‘cold fusion’ that did not require the blast furnace of nuclear fission as part of the energy-creating process.” This is what I’ve been looking to surface.

More recently Foster Gamble of Thrive Movement has brought forward the promising technology of the Universe itself.  It is called the “Torus pattern of energy flow.”  When you have the time, visit his blog and see what he’s up to.  I’ll write more about Foster Gamble’s timely contribution to the search for clean, “free” energy. But first I want to do this book review because truth is often more easily seen when it’s interwoven within a story, and this novel does take you to the very heart of what “free energy” is really about.

The following  review is of a recently published book about the mad rush to find and a conspiracy to possess the “Holy Grail of Free Energy.”  This is one of my favorite lines from the story, mouthed by the main character:

“You do not smash a river for power, nor should you smash an atom, but learn to let a river flow through it.”

Book Review: The Light at Lindisfarne,  by Hugh Malafry

Another engaging novel by the author of the Blue Shaman Trilogy, The Light at Lindisfarne is a timely release, a story the likes of which has not been written to date by any author I’m aware of. Nor could it have been written by anyone but Hugh Malafry, knowing his style of visioning potential futures for humanity with his creative imagination. His story telling  reflects a perspective that originates in higher dimensions of consciousness than most of us live out of on a day-to-day basis and lands firmly on the ground of contemporary life in the “mind-made world” of competition, power mongering, and survival.  

The story is set in post World War II Europe and opens in Germany in the wake of Adolph Hitler’s death in May of 1945, a bitter winter month in those parts.  Weaving the ancient alchemist and Grail Quest themes, the search for the philosopher’s stone that releases the fire of transmutation, and the legendary Sangreal (Royal Blood) into the story—a theme that Hitler himself was lured into in his mad quest for the “Holy Grail” of free energy that would give him and his Fourth Reich Germany ultimate power and dominion over the world—Malafry develops a scenario of unfolding world events – political, scientific, religious, cultural and geophysical – that transcends the three-dimensional model of life on a planet that is very much in sync with galactic evolution through its unwavering pattern of response to its solar point of orientation.  As the sun goes so goes the planet, even to the ultimate stage of evolution of becoming itself a sun – not, however, what we commonly think of as a flaming mass of gasses, hotter and hotter as you go toward its center.  On the contrary, Malafry dares to depict our sun as a cool blue star enveloped in an atmosphere of red-hot conflagration, in much the same way as the blue center of a flame of natural gas is cool at its core.  

But that’s all about the surface details of the story, the setting of a rather familiar landscape of physical matter and material existence.  The more subtle essence of the story, the implied if not articulated truth behind the surface play of events, indeed moving them toward their evolutionary destiny, is the apocalypse of light divine through humanity, the return of the long lost Science of Mazaroth, and Man’s true dominion over the elements and creative forces of water, air, earth and fire. This is a story about the evolution of human consciousness and the potential ascent of Man to a higher level of function and mastery, indeed his apotheosis and subsequent assumption of his original commission as co-creator and steward of the natural world on planet Earth.  Having come to its final hour, human consciousness is faced with the inevitable choice: evolve or destroy yourself and your world — the story’s cliff-hanger to be developed later on in a promised sequel.  

The press release describes the context and theme of the story . . .

An energy starved world – an esoteric technology that cannot be replicated – a secret locked in the psyche of one old man – an intrigue to acquire unimaginable wealth and power – the struggle of an ancient order to grasp a world slipping away: In his latest novel, The Light at Lindisfarne, (published by AuthorHouse), Hugh Malafry pits the technocracy of modern science and politics against ancient esoteric wisdom, in a quest for the key to unlock the creative forces inherent in nature and man.”

As the story goes:

Swedish physicist, Albert Weiland, widely considered the Einstein of his age, presents the world with a problem: a demonstrable source of unlimited free energy his peers cannot replicate, in a device the press calls his Grail Reactor. To make matters worse, it works only in Weiland’s presence and he will not say why. When his peers renounce his arcane explanations as medieval mysticism, Weiland kindles an inextinguishable light in the ruins of Lindisfarne Abbey, and challenges them to solve its mystery for the answers they seek.

The event pits nation against  nation, precipitates a conspiracy to acquire this esoteric technology for a new world order, reveals the agenda of the shadow government, and leads into the snare Weiland has set for his would be exploiters.”

Hugh aims his novel at the current trend of deteriorating world events:

“We are at the turning of an age,” says Malafry, commenting on why readers will connect with his novel. “Within decades without a new source of energy to drive its productions industrial civilization will hit the wall. Meanwhile, populations increase, resources diminish and everyone wants more of everything. What could possibly go wrong?”

The Light at Lindisfarne evokes man’s final quest for the holy grail of power, and appeals for the wise use of creativity, imagination and ingenuity to shape the future of civilization. “If we fail it will foremost be a failure of the creative imagination, a failure to come to terms and seek first the source of light, life and power in ourselves.”

About the Author:

Hugh Malafry is a Fulbright and emeritus professor of mythology and world literature. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.  His command of the English language affords him a style of writing that is a pleasure to read. To see his recently released press release, click here.

Anthony Palombo

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Global Warming a Galactic Event, Part 5: Our Ecological Demise

So far in this series on global warming, we have visited the solar system through the eyes and meticulous research of David Wilcock, the results of which are written up in his 2011 book The Source Field Investigations.  In the last post we reviewed the data on Earth changes that are not caused by industrial pollution.

 I’ve said that we are only destroying ourselves by polluting the earth, our water and our air.  Earth will take care of herself as she moves through evolutionary changes occurring by reason of the passage of our Milky Way Galaxy across an energetic threshold into an intensified strata of cosmic energy.  She will go on to experience her rebirth and renewal, with or without us.  

Ours is a species that is in danger of extinction, along with the hundreds of other species that are going extinct on almost a daily basis.  We decry their loss and, understandably though needlessly, take on the blame for their extinction, including our own impending demise, when this is all a natural part of the evolutionary creative process.  New forms of life are coming in and old ones going out all the time, but life cannot be extinguished.  As an enlightened poet once put it, “Unconquerable life prevails.”

In this post I want to look at how we are destroying our ecology and, with that life-support system, our natural habitat and ourselves.  As much as I like to  keep a positive and optimistic outlook and try to avoid  the negative and pessimistic doomsayers, when I viewed this interview of Chris Hedges by Bill Moyers, which my wife brought to my attention, my heart sank into deep sadness at what we are doing to the natural world to maintain our mad consumption of Corporate America’s productions fueled by sheer greed.  I felt a jab of pain in my stomach as I watched mountain tops in the beautiful Appalachians of West Virginia being blown up for coal by corporations that find it cheaper than mining for this filthy fuel source.  Our Mother Earth is being ripped open for her minerals. 

 Here’s the intro to the interview: 

There are forgotten corners of this country where Americans are trapped in endless cycles of poverty, powerlessness, and despair as a direct result of capitalistic greed. Journalist Chris Hedges calls these places “sacrifice zones,” and joins Bill this week on Moyers & Company to explore how areas like Camden, New Jersey; Immokalee, Florida; and parts of West Virginia suffer while the corporations that plundered them thrive.

These are areas that have been destroyed for quarterly profit. We’re talking about environmentally destroyed, communities destroyed, human beings destroyed, families destroyed,” Hedges tells Bill.

“It’s the willingness on the part of people who seek personal enrichment to destroy other human beings… And because the mechanisms of governance can no longer control them, there is nothing now within the formal mechanisms of power to stop them from creating essentially a corporate oligarchic state.”

“For approximately 150 years after the industrial revolution commenced the world has been in a situation where it had sufficient surplus to simultaneously promote growth and prosperity. By the mid 1990’s our growth was at the rate that we needed about 1.25 earth masses to sustain consumption. It has steadily gotten worse as consumption continues unabated. Now we are in a situation where we no longer have sufficient surplus to promote growth and prosperity. This requires a paradigm shift. Mr. Hedges is demanding that all of us complicit in this growth, take a step back and think about consumption in a new context – a perhaps moral/sacred context – and each of us should now say – enough is enough.” (Viewer BigMoo’s comments)

What you are about to see and hear is not pretty, but see and hear it we all must.  Everyone who cares about life and living on this beautiful planet needs to sit for 51.5 minutes and face the ugly facts of the consequences of our consumerism.  Don’t put this off.  See it now or at some other time today.

It may well be that this is how we as a species are meant to face the ultimatum Mother Nature and planet Earth have placed before us: evolve or perish.  It is obvious that many of our own species are perishing and will perish in massive numbers in the descending spiral of destruction as this madness continues unabated.  

A growing number of human beings, thank God, are moving in the ascending spiral of evolution in an apocalypse of light that is lifting our species to higher levels of consciousness.  Everything is not lost.  The Creator has larger plans for His/Her body of Mankind on Earth.  So, weep not for the loss of the old consumptive man and his old polluted world.  The new creative Man is rising in the midst of death and destruction and is about the business of creating a new and healthful world. The media simply is not interested in what’s ascending and growing, but only in what’s descending and perishing.  There is cause for rejoicing, which I look forward to writing about in future blog posts.

I have an excellent post in the making for my next Healing Tones blog: a book review of Hugh Malafry’s latest novel, The Light at Lindesfarne.  (Click on the link to read the press release just released today). I’m looking forward to telling you all about this timely novel.  So, stay tuned.  Until then, 

Be love. Be loved.

Anthony Palombo

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Global Warming a Galactic Event, Part 4: Earth Changes

Our Home among the stars
(click on image to enlarge)
While this image is dramatic, the moon is actually more than 1/4 the size of Earth

Not all climate changes on Earth are due to human industrial pollution. Global warming is a galactic event throughout the solar system. We’ve listed the dramatic climate changes on the other planets.  Now let’s have a look at some of the Earth changes that have been going on for several decades as David Wilcock has thoroughly documented in his 2011 book The Source Field Investigations.

  • According to NASA scientists, “Activity in [earth’s] two known Van Allen radiation belts grew so intense in May, 1998, that a new belt was created . . . generating excitement and awe in the scientific community. This new belt contains mostly ionized nitrogen, neon, and oxygen particles, which are new and unexpected since the inner Van Allen radiation belt itself consists mostly of protons. The original source of the atoms is believed to be the local interstellar medium; i.e. the gas, dust and energy between the stars.”

Watch this short clip for graphic description of the Van Allen radiation belts. There are also some interesting You Tube videos to watch at the end of this clip on the subject.

  • In February 1996, NASA’s “Tethered Satellite” experiment hoped to harness 3,500 volts of electricity from space, using a super-strong cable to stretch a satellite out away from the space shuttle and hold it there while the cable gathered energy.  However, the satellite appeared to have encountered vastly more energy in the earth’s upper atmosphere than NASA had expected. First, it encountered a variety of mysterious problems; its “computer and two of its four gyroscopes had stopped working. In addition, both thrusters mysteriously had opened and spewed out nitrogen gas.” These problems . . . are totally consistent with the observed electrical effects of what appears to be a vortex into time-space.  When the satellite was finally deployed, the supposedly foolproof tether actually broke, sending the satellite reeling off into space—and NASA was unwilling to speculate as to the cause of the break. . . . Astronauts did describe that the tether’s “outer coating of nylon and Teflon looked charred and melted.” Thus there appears to have been vastly more energy in earth’s upper atmosphere than earlier measurements had shown.
  • As of the mid-to-late 1990’s, fully 5,060 percent more ozone was being detected in earth’s middle atmosphere than was expected, even though pollution is expected to reduce ozone, not increase it. This area is above where the “ozone holes” are located. 
  • There are also more hydroxyl (OH) molecules appearing in earth’s upper atmosphere than conventional scientists can explain. Furthermore, “strong emissions from atomic neon, argon and xenon” were seen in earth’s aurora, apparently for the first time, in 2001.
  • Overall, earth has been loosing 3 percent of its sunlight per decade since the 1950’s. There has been a 10 percent decrease in sunlight reaching earth’s surface in the last thirty years, and 15 percent over the last fifty years, showing that the effect is accelerating. This suggests that the atmosphere itself has become noticeably denser.
  • Most scientists would expect the earth to cool down as a result of a thicker atmosphere, not warm up, so this “shocking” finding “went against all scientific thinking” and was “ignored” as a result.”The first reaction has always been that the effect is much too big, I don’t believe it and if it’s true then why has nobody reported it before.”
  • NASA announced in 2009 that over the last twenty-five years, noctilucent clouds in earth’s upper atmosphere are becoming more and more frequent, migrating down from the poles, and shining brighter than ever before. This cannot be attributed to a change in temperature, and atmospheric scientist Dr. Vincent Wickwar said, “I suspect, as many of us feel, that it is global change, but I fear we don’t understand it . . . . It’s not as simple as a temperature change.”
  • The oceans of the world have warmed significantly since the late 1940’s, and interestingly, slightly less than half of the increase in heat content is occurring below three hundred meters (roughly nine hundred feet). These rapid, unpredictable changes in temperature were previously thought impossible, since sunlight cannot penetrate to these depths. . . .
  • Earthquake activity also appears to have increased.  A worldwide database system for reliably cataloging earthquakes was established by the United States Geological Service as of January 1, 1973. According to the USGS, 98 percent of earthquakes are less than a magnitude 3 on the Richter scale and ‘earthquakes greater than about magnitude 3 usually can be felt by people near the source area, and thus detectable. For this same reason it is unlikely that improvements in the technology or number of detection stations would cause a significant increase in the actual number of earthquakes that are reported above 3.0. Nonetheless, in 1973 there were 4,517 earthquakes above 3.0 on the Richter scale worldwide, and by 2003 there were 17,443. This represents a total of a 386 percent increase in earthquake activity above 3.0 between 1973 and 2003.
  • Prior to 1998, earth was gradually getting narrower at the equator and longer at the poles.  However, from 1998 onward, this trend has reversed itself—earth is bulging out at the equator and contracting in at the poles.  Estimates of the weight loss caused by melting icecaps and glaciers are far too small to account for the magnitude of the effect. Anomalies in earth’s magnetic field suggest that a magnetic pole shift is already underway, and the models have no clear way of predicting exactly how soon this will complete itself. Interestingly, in March 2004, a hurricane was detected for the first time in the earth’s southern hemisphere.  (Wilcock)


The U.N. World Meterological Association announced to the world that “the increase in temperature in the twentieth century is likely to have been the largest in any century during the past 1,000 years.”  The 1990’s have been the warmest decade. 

  • The amount of water vapor in the atmosphere of the northern hemisphere has increased in the last 25 years.
  • The average thickness of summer Arctic Sea ice has decreased by 40 percent in the last 30 years.
  • The average lake or river in the northern hemisphere will now have about two less weeks of ice cover per year than one hundred years ago.
  • Since 1966, the overall snow cover in the northern hemisphere has decreased by about 10 percent.
  • Glaciers in the Argentina/Chile region are melting fully 200 percent faster in 2003 than in 1975.  Even NASA has admitted that “the (Antarctic) peninsula has warmed 2 to 3 degrees Celsius (3.6 to 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) over the past 50 years, causing rapid thinning, enhanced melting and rapid disintegration of its ice shelves.”
  • Lastly, ‘since 1950, according to one estimate, some 600,000 plant and animal species have disappeared, and currently nearly 40,000 more are threatened. This is the fastest rate of extinction since the dinosaurs disappeared. Forty percent of all known species on earth are now at risk of extinction.  Somewhere between 2.7 and 270 species disappear every day. The most conservative estimate is that the current rate of extinction is one hundred times greater than the background rate, but Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson has calculated that the true rate may be as high as ten-thousand times above the background level.  Wilson predicts that half of all plant and animal species will be extinct by 2100.” (Wilcock)


There are 172 references listed in Wilcock’s notes for this one chapter alone.  In all, there are 46 pages of references for the entire book. The author has done his homework over the 30 years of research that led to this laboriously documented book, The Source Field Investigations. I highly recommend the book to my blog readers. I leave you with this 6 minute video clip about the polar shift underway.

In the midst of disintegration, chaos and extinction, evolution is moving us forward to new frontiers. Something new is integrating and being born. 

I will rap up this series in my next post. I welcome your comments. Until then,

Be love. Be loved.


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Global Warming A Galactic Event, Part 3

As we saw in the last post, global warming is taking place even on the planets on the outer fringes of our solar system.  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not exempt.  We also saw that these climate changes are not driven by our Sun alone.  In fact, very little of it is caused by the increased solar activities, and this only relative to the planets close in.  The solar system is crossing over an energetic threshold in the Milky Way Galaxy and into a field of electromagnetic radiation emanating from the center of the galaxy. It is this cosmic radiation that is causing climate changes on all the planets, including the Sun. (Learn more about this aspect from my first post on this series.)

Seeing the Larger Context 

We are moving through space at a rapid speed and space doesn’t maintain a consistent intensity of cosmic energy.  It may seem that way to us due to our relatively brief lifespan.  We don’t remember anything from out of our prenatal past.  We have to rely on scientists to look back technologically and on ancient records, such as the Mayans and other ancient peoples have handed down to us, mostly in the form of legends.  With the Mayans, it is in the form of their “Long Count Calender.”  

Then there are the four elemental creative forces of water, air, earth and fire that move in rhythmic cycles bringing with them cosmological and geophysical changes.  They also bring with them genetic changes in the lifeforms on the planets.  DNA is constantly being written and re-written by the Music of the Spheres to accommodate the ever changing score of the Symphony of Life under the direction of the Spirit of God the Creator, who rules the universe in which we play a co-creative role.  

Well, we are designed to play a co-creative role with God.  We haven’t been doing so well in that department but rather have sought to create and rule our world on our own without God. Needless to say, our world won’t last long outside Divine design and control.  And we are seeing its end in our day, with fire coming in to play its role as the last of the four creative forces.  Actually, fire has been in cycle for some time, culminating in the last century and overlapping into the new millennium as the first force of water begins its cycle at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.  Fire and water mixing together creates steam, clouds on planets and steamy emotions in humans the world ’round.  Changes are coming on us thick and fast as the old heaven and the old earth pass away to make way for the new heaven and the new earth to put in an appearance.  We see these changes everywhere, but nowhere more obvious than on the surface of the planets.  

 We’ve looked at the changes occurring on Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, as well as the Sun.  Let’s look at the planets farthest out and see what’s happening on them.  Then we’ll look at Earth changes in some detail, if not in this post then the next.

 Uranus with its rings

Bright clouds began to appear on the surface of Uranus since 1996.  

By 1998, Hubble had discovered nearly as many clouds in a short time as had ever before been observed in the entire history of Uranus. By 1999, NASA articles were referring to Uranus as being ‘hit’ by ‘huge storms,’ making it ‘a dynamic world with the brightest clouds in the outer solar system.’ The head NASA scientist referred to these increasingly bright and active clouds as ‘really big, big changes’ on Uranus.

“Seasonal brightness” changes on Uranus are “not well understood.” In 2004, thirty large clouds, brighter than ever before, were observed on the planet’s surface, more clouds than had been counted before 2000.  A Berkeley NASA scientist used adjectives such as “unprecedented” and “vigorous” in describing activities in the southern hemisphere of Uranus. Carbon monoxide gas was also detected in Uranus’s atmosphere for the first time in 2003, its origins thought to be from dust flowing throughout the solar system. “Dramatic changes” in the planet’s rings were announced in 2007 “including brightness increases, a potentially new ring and a cloud of dust particles pervading the entire ring system.”

Neptune’s “hyperdimensional pole shift”

Neptune compared to Earth

Neptune’s “Great Dark Spot” suddenly switched from its southern hemisphere to its northern between 1994 and 1995.  NASA said they were “near-mirror” images of each other, according to images taken by Voyager 2 of the original spot. NASA scientists were led to say that “Neptune has changed radically since 1989.”  Two years later a “looming mystery” was written up by NASA: when the “newly migrated” spot appeared, it seemed to be “trapped at a fixed latitude,” indicating an apparent “perfect geometric shift”  has occurred in the grid, as the two latitudes were identical.  

By 1996, less than a year after the “hyperdimensional pole shift,” Dr. Lawrence Sromovsky noticed an increase in Neptune’s overall brightness—which continued dramatically increasing through 2002. Blue light became 3.2 percent brighter, red light 5.6 percent brighter and near-infrared light intensified by a whopping 40 percent.  Some areas of latitude became fully 100 percent brighter.

Here’s the clincher . . .

The physics to explain such a change is brightness are just not there in the conventional models, since Neptune “seems to run on almost no energy.” Neptune’s south pole was found to be 18 degrees warmer than the rest of the planet in 2007.

Neptune’s moon, Triton, experienced a “very high” 5 percent temperature increase between 1989 and 1998. The is comparable with earth’s atmosphere heating up to twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit in only nine years.  It is believed that Triton’s atmospheric pressure has “at least doubled in bulk since the time of the Voyager encounter (in 1989).”


Pluto’s atmospheric pressure increased by 300 percent between 1989 and 2002, resulting in a noticeable surface temperature increase.  This was attributed to “seasonal changes.”   These climate changes on Pluto are not attributed to those on Earth, nor to those in the Sun, as the planet has been drifting away from the Sun since 1989, and the “Sun’s output is much too steady.”

The scientists suggest “some longer-term change, analogous to long-term climatic changes on Earth” could be responbsible for the massive global warming of Pluto.  The Associated Press revealed in February 2010 that Pluto’s colors did not change between 1954 and 2000, but then the red levels became 20 to 30 percent stronger by 2002.  In addition, “Nitrogen ice [is] shifting in size and density in surprising ways.”

I suspect that’s enough to digest for now.  We’ll look at some of the changes here on Earth in my next post in two weeks.  Drop me an email or post your comments on my blog.  I always enjoy hearing from my readers, now in 59 different countries throughout the globe.  Until then,

Be love. Be loved, 



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References:  Wilcock, David – The Source Field Investigations, 2011.

View this clip for an explanation of the polar shift underway:


Global Warming a Galactic Event, Part 2

Every planet in our solar system has been exhibiting dramatic signs of climate change similar to those here on Earth.  In short, global warming is occurring throughout the solar system and the cause is not earthlings’ selfish and insane polluting and wasting of their water, their air and the natural resources of the earth, but an escalating surge of electromagnetic energy throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.  The origin of this energy is galactic, as we saw in the last post.

A Fire-Water Cycle

Notice that I omitted the fourth of the four creative forces of creation, fire. This is not by error but by reason of the fact that man may be able to pollute his water, his air and his earth, but he cannot pollute the fire of creation.  And it is this last of the four forces that has been coming to bear at the end of a cosmic cycle of creation and evolution.This cycle of 25,527 years was called the Great Year by the Mayans and the end of it, in or about the year 2012, marks the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the beginning of a new era believed by many to be a Golden Age, one that we are capable of, if not in position to, move into and thrive as a unified race of peaceful planetary citizens.

As a fire cycle ends, burning out the old, and a water cycle begins, bringing in the new, these two creative forces overlap creating steam in the atmospheres of planets and their moons — as well as in human affairs.  As we’re noting in Wilcock’s investigations, atmospheric densities on the surface of these heavenly bodies have increased significantly over the last several decades — again, as it has done in the emotional climate around human affairs.  

We are like cats dancing on a hot tin roof, and the dance floor is hotting up exponentially. This is the point of my visiting these cosmic and galactic events in this blog: hopefully to help us broaden our awareness so as to take in what’s happening in the energetic fields around us within the larger context of our journey through the cosmos.  To use an old adage, things are going to get worse before they get better.  Take heart, however, because a Golden Age is at hand.

Climate Changes on Other Planets

In the last post, we reviewed data relating to climate changes in our Sun and our closest neighbors, Mercury, Venus and Mars, as presented by David Wilcock in his thoroughly documented book The Source Field Investigations.  Now let’s review the data relating to climate changes on the other planets and some of their moons.  (Click on images to enlarge for better viewing) 

Jupiter and Her Moons

  • “Hot plasma was observed in Jupiter’s magnetic field  in 1979, though it was not visible in 1974. 
  • Jupiter’s atmosphere was discovered by NASA scientists to be hundreds of degrees hotter than anticipated. 
  • The amount of heavy elements (such as oxygen) in Jupiter’s atmosphere decreased by a stunning 10 percent between 1979 and 1995. . . . 
  • Radiation emissions from Jupiter increased by about 25 percent between 1973 and 1995.  
  • In April 2004, a major new study announced the surprise merging of three different oval formations in Jupiter’s atmosphere, two of which were quite large. Without these vortexes in place, heat would not be released as efficiently and Jupiter might experience substantial global warming within the following ten years—a whopping temperature increase of 18 degrees Fahrenheit, or 10 degrees Centigrade. 
  • The same scientists also noted that the Great Red Spot has changed from its traditional red to ‘something more like salmon,’ and that this color change may be due to an overall increase in temperature. 
  • These changes are theorized to be part of a seventy-year cycle, which is believed to have started when the three largest ovals first appeared in 1939.
  • “In 2006, the three ovals that had merged together in 2004 were now becoming a huge storm rivaling the Great Red Spot, further indicating a ‘global change’ in Jupiter’s climate
  • In 2008, two massive new storms emerged in Jupiter’s atmosphere that were hotter than any ever observed before.  NASA announced that this was part of a ‘dramatic, planet-wide disturbance on Jupiter that is ongoing. The cause of the disturbance is yet to be explained.'”  (Wilcock)

Jupiter and moons

Jupiter’ moons also show signs of disturbances. Io’s ionosphere heightened by 1000 percent between 1973 and 1996, and its entire surface heated up by 200 percent between 1979 and 1998.

“New colors were seen in Io’s aurorae in 1998.  Yet additional new colors were discovered in 2001.  A doughnut-shaped tube of glowing plasma energy fills the entire path of Io’s orbit of Jupiter. Scientists think this tube is caused by charged particles spewing from Io’s volcanoes. The charged particles . . . became 50 percent denser between 1979 and 1995. The overall density of the tube increased by 200 percent between 1979 and 1995. A ribbon-like cold portion separated out and significantly brightened between 1999 and 2000.”

In 2002 Europa, Jupiter’s second large moon, was also discovered to have a tube of “‘surprisingly dense plasma'” trailing her that is not of volcanic origin.  Ganymede, the third large Jovian moon, was found to have its own magnetic field “in defiance of all conventional expectations,” and has had a 1000 percent increase in atmospheric density since 1979, with a 200 percent brighter aurora.  

“The fourth large moon, Callisto, was recently observed to have an aurora that is fully 100,000 percent higher in intensity than Jupiter’s own magnetic field in that area.  A third plasma tube, bigger than Io’s tube and the one in Europa’s orbit, was discovered in 1998.  In defiance of all mainstream thought, it rotates in the opposite direction of Jupiter itself.  Counter-rotating fields are a basic aspect of the flowing interaction between the spin fields of space-time and time-space. . . .  Similarly, in 2007, Italian scientists discovered that our entire galaxy has two different halos, composed of different types of stars, which are counter-rotating inside of each other.  Our sun is part of one flattened halo of stars traveling at about twenty kilometers per second. A spherical halo of stars with a different chemical composition is counter-rotating at seventy kilometers per second.” (Wilcock)

Saturn and Her Moons

Between 1981 and 2008, the climates on Saturn and her moons have changed dramatically, suggesting a fundamental shift within them.  Noted by NASA were such feature changes as . . .

  • Saturn’s tube-shaped plasma cloud increased in density by 1000 percent.
  • “Bright aurorae” at Saturn’s poles, the north one covering an “enormous area” which was thought should be empty.
  • A 58.2 percent drop in the rotational speed of clouds at the equator, similar to what was see happening on the Sun, suggesting a reduction in the “flow of time.”
  • “‘Massive'” emissions of X-rays from Saturn’s equatorial region….”
  • Unusual dark areas in Saturn’s rings “called ‘spoke’ formations” appeared and disappeared between 1980 and 2004.  
  • In 2006 a “gigantic storm” on Saturn produced bolts of lightning 1000 times stronger than any seen on Earth. 
  • Titan’s atmosphere appeared to have had a 10-15 percent increase in size between 1980 and 2004 — perhaps even as much as 200 percent if NASA’s conservative estimates of Titan’s former atmosphere height at 250 kilometers are correct.  
  • “Inexplicable . . . fast-moving, bright clouds” in Titan’s southern hemisphere.
  • In 1997 ozone atoms were detected on moons Dione and Rhea, signs of ionized plasma.
  • “A ‘severe storm’ was seen for the first time near Titan’s equator in April 2008, blatantly contradicting NASA’s models and leaving scientists feeling puzzled.”

Now here’s the clincher on all this data.  Not very much of these climate changes on the planets of our solar system are being driven by our Sun, at least not by the sun’s heat.  Radiation of energy, not heat, is what’s driving them.  Look at the image below and note how far away the Sun is, for example, from Jupiter and Saturn, not to mention Uranus and Neptune, which we’ll get to in the next post. And just forget about Pluto, although changes are occurring on this tiny “planet” way out there in the far reaches of the solar system. (click on the image to enlarge it).  

We will continue this review of climate changes in the solar system based on David Wilcock’s Source Field Investigations in the next post, when we will report on changes on the farthest out planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Then we will consider the data on Earth changes in some depth, including some implications of these events relative to the evolution of human consciousness and current human behavior, probably in another and final post or two in this fascinating series.  Until then,

Be love. Be Loved.


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Images by NASA at

View this clip for an explanation of the polar shift now underway:

Dawn of a Golden Age: Global Warming a Galactic Event

According to the following data gathered by David Wilcock and written up in his book The Source Field Investigations (2011), we are contributing very little, if anything at all, to global warming on Earth.    

While this information does not excuse us from being respectful stewards of our planet, Earth is experiencing a climate change, partially due to a shift taking place in the magnetic pole that is reducing the wobble of its axis, but mostly due to cosmic energies outside our galaxy impinging on us.  The mess we’ve made in our own bed with industrial pollution, the poisoning of our foods with chemicals, and the mismanagement of our waste, is making our slumber a nightmare in increasingly more places around the globe, but it is hurting us more than the planet. We need to wake up to our self destruction.  The planet is fine and on schedule with its evolution.  It’s we who are in a heap of trouble.

As my friend David Waskom described in my previous post, the ice cap on our planet is melting simply because it is no longer needed to stabilize the wobbling planet. We appear to be returning to our original tropical climate before the earth got tilted on its axis  . . . and we are not alone with climate changes.  All of the other planets in our solar system have been going through drastic climate changes for a number of decades, including the sun.  But, before we look at those statistics,  let’s review the data around the context in which these events are occurring.


In chapter eighteen “The Galactic Clock Strikes the Hour” Wilcock describes in well documented details what is actually occurring in the larger context of our Milky Way Galaxy as our solar system travels through the galaxy’s layers of energy zones depicted in the graphic below. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)  The electromagnetic  radiation from space, known as “redshift,” was found to change intensity as it moved through galaxies’ spiraling, concentric layers, increasing in intensity as we move toward the center of the galaxy. Rogue astronomer Dr. William Tifft made this discovery while studying redshift.  His research and “amazing story” was written up in an April 1993 Discover magazine. 

Redshif has been a well guarded model for measuring how far away things are in the universe.  Tifft seriously challenged that model when he found that redshift radiation wasn’t consistent but changed intensity as it moved through galaxies and separated into concentric layers, which are actually “on the move.”  (It is estimated that our galaxy makes a full rotation over a period of 250 million years.)  Studying the same galaxies over a period of ten years, he noticed that their redshifts changed over time, suggesting an evolution taking place within galaxies.  Another study reported in the Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy in 1997 of 250 different galaxies found the same layers of energy in every single one of them. 


Dr. Harold Aspden published his book in 1972 on the remarkable results of his research, also available on his Energy Science Web site, which explored the idea that all matter is created from an aether—and he concludes that it has different levels of density, or thickness, and that . . . 

Galaxies can lock into slightly different sets of fundamental physical constants, so far as the different space domain origins of their primary radiation sources are concerned. . . .  Such domains have bearing on geological events, such as geomagnetic field reversals occurring as the solar system transits through boundaries separating adjacent space domains.


This is apparently precisely what is happening on planet Earth, as well as all the other planets.  Let’s read a bit further to understand the model more clearly.  Remember how we saw in the previous post how matter exists in parallel universes of  space-time and time-space.  Well, on a grandiose scale, our galaxy seems to be doing the same thing.   Tifft used the Greek letter Tau for time in his writing explaining that . . .

Quantum physics resides in tau-space and conventional dynamics operates in sigma-space . . . . At a given cosmic radius in tau-space, a galaxy occupies a temporal state. It must change that temporal state in discrete steps.

Wilcock continues with his exciting conclusions . . .

I was amazed at how well all of this fit together.  The model is extremely elegant.  When we combine Tifft and Aspden’s conclusions, we know that at least at some point, we could enter into a new space domain of tau-space, where matter and energy as we know it “locks into a slightly different set of fundamental physical constants,” and “changes its temporal state” in “discrete steps.”  Neither of these great scientists seem to be aware of how well their model extends to explain the 26-and 62-million-year cycles that were found in the fossil record—showing that these changes in the flow of time also affect biological life as well as the “fundamental physical constants” of matter and energy.


Now, we can begin to see current trends in global warming in a much grander context than our supposed and rather paranoid notion that we are to blame for melting the ice caps and heating up the globe.  So, let’s see what Wilcock says about what’s going on elsewhere in our solar system.  And I will cover this story in a couple of posts.  Let’s start with the Sun, a pivotal driver of global warming, as well as planetary changes throughout the solar system, and then visit our closest neighbors, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

As Wilcock points out prefacing this investigation . . .

In simple terms, if we’re at the boundary of one of these domains, complete with all the coherence-increasing, DNA-evolving properties that come along with it, we should expect to see measurable changes in the Sun and planets. This would provide “smoking gun” proof that the ancient prophecies were indeed correct. 

The Sun

Severe geomagnetic storm

Since at least the late 1970’s, the Sun’s overall radiation emissions have increased by 0.5 percent per decade. Between 1901 and 2000, the Sun’s magnetic field increased in size and strength by 230 percent. As of 1999, high increases in the amount of helium and heavier charged particles coming out of the Sun was “more active than in living memory. A mainstream geophysical team recently proved that the Sun has been more active since the 1940’s than in the previous 1,150 years combined.  The new brightening all started in the last 150 years. As of November 2004, the same group proved that the Sun is more energetic than it has been in at least eight-thousand years.

Then in 2006, NASA announced that the Sun’s “great conveyor belt,” a massive circulating current of hot plasma, had slowed down from a normal walking speed of 1.0 meters per second to 0.75 meters per second in the north—and only 0.25 meters per second in the south. 

The speed of the sun’s conveyor belt had been consistent prior to this time since the nineteenth century.  It takes 40 years (2 Mayan katuns) to complete a circuit.  The last peak was in 1985.  Since then the sun’s overall activity has been on the decline.  As Dr. Mike Lockwood notes, “If the Sun’s dimming were to have a cooling effect, we’d have seen it by now.”

 At the same time, scientists also fear there might be a massive new peak of solar activity that could potentially fry electronics on earth—and gave a surprisingly familiar target date of September, 2012 for when this might happen. A LiveScience article in 2007 seriously considered the social anthropologist Dr. Benny Peiser’s suggestion that the Sun could be responsible for measurable “global warming” on Mars, Jupiter, Neptune’s moon Triton and Pluto, as well as the earth.  Surprisingly, this is one of very few mainstream media articles to have ever made this obvious connection….


Anomalies on the surface as well as at the core of Mercury have scientists baffled.  Between2007 and 2009 radical and unexpected changes occurred on the surface of the planet.  One being ice appearing in its polar regions despite the planet’s high surface temperatures; another being significant pressure within the magnetosphere that it didn’t have in the 1970’s.  The planet seems to have a dense core and strong magnetic field.  Magnetic twisters ten times the as strong as any tornadoes seen on Earth were seen by the Messenger probe in 2009. 


Between 1978 and 1983 Venus’s atmospheric sulfur decreased dramatically while the oxygen content increased substantially, a condition which scientists suspect may explain the planets sudden change in brightness.  Venus is leaving a trail of charged plasma behind her 60,000 percent longer in 1997 that in the late 1970’s.  Wilcock writes:

Both the northern and southern hemispheres of Venus dramatically brightened in January of 2007, and a strange, unusual and mysterious bright spot appeared in July 2009 [as reported by Rachel Courtland in the same month in New Scientists magazine].  Regarding this sudden new bright spot, Dr. Sanjay Lamaye said, “It’s fair to say something unusual happened on Venus. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened.” 


Wilcock writes . . .

Between the mid 1970’s and 1995, Mars developed clouds, had an overall reduction in atmospheric dust content, and revealed a “surprise . . . abundance” of ozone in its atmosphere.   The Mars Surveyor probe was damaged in 1997 by an unsuspected 200 percent increase in the density of Mars’s atmosphere.  In 1999, a hurricane appeared on Mars for the first time in more than twenty years, and was 300 percent larger than any previously seen.  The biggest global dust storm in “several decades” engulfed the entire planet very rapidly in 2001, “something quite unheard of in previous experience.”  [Check out the data source at this Hubble website link:]

As a side note, Wilcock notes that this storm peaked directly before the 9/11 event in New York City “. . . suggesting the possibility, however remote, that the massive stress everyone felt on earth from that event actually reflected back through time-space and had profound energetic effects upon our nearest neighboring planet.”  Mainstream media announced global warming on Mars in 2001 resulting in “rapid erosion of ice features at the south pole'” and “year-to-year losses of snow.”   NASA reported “‘recent global climate change” on Mars in 2003. “European astronomers noticed a glow on the night side of Mars for the first time” two years later.

All this is going on without human industrial pollution. Think about it.  We’re killing ourselves, not the planet.

We will continue with this in my next post, looking at climate changes on Jupiter and its moons, as well as on some of the other planets and moons in our solar system, including earth changes.  Until then,

Be Love.  Be loved.


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David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations — The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies (2011).  

Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision (1950), Earth In Upheaval (1955).

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