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My Heart a Sea of Glass


When my heart is quiet and my mind is still, my inner landscape becomes a sea of glass clear as crystal, mingled with fire.   Upon this crystal sea of quiet stillness reflects my spirit divine.  And I am immediately in love with what I see and what I know of who I am.

Then my heart wants to sing and I hear the sounds of light in heaven beckoning me to re-sound them on earth . . . the music of the spheres.   Thus am I guided in my quest for the sacred harmonies of the cosmos that make this world, my form, so beautiful, so magical.

I connect these two realms of heaven and earth with the music of the Soul of my soul. The inaudible becomes heard, the invisible  seen, the unspeakable finds words in my heart, which alone understands the mystery of the Word made flesh.  The mystery of God is finished in my earth . . . and I know the bliss of attunement with the One I Am.

Attunement with Sacred Sound

Sound is a natural carrier wave for consciousness.  I have found it very useful in my attunement healing work.   I use tuning forks, singing bowls and voice to create sound waves.   Over the years I have collected several such tools for sacred sound. Click on the above link to obtain a copy on my book exploring this methodology in depth.

I finally found an A bowl forged of Tibetan metals that sings a pure tone when stroked with the soft leather-bound end of the baton.  Now I can play three complete harmonious chords during attunement with sacred sound sessions. They are:

1) the A Major chord (A C# E) for the Spirit of the Womb (Pituitary and Crown Chakra),

2) the F Major chord (F A C) for the Spirit of Purification (Thymus gland and Heart Chakra), and

3) the D Major chord (D F# A) for the Spirit of the Single Eye (Adrenal glands and the Chi power center and/or Root Chakra).

Sacred Anatomy

Now, these pitches and chords are not etched in stone as the pitches and chords for specific energy sites in the body.   Like our physical forms, this is a work in progress, and as we continue to evolve spiritually in consciousness, the flesh of our body temples will continue to spiritualize, the cells that comprise the flesh thus oscillating at higher and higher frequencies, ascending as they shift frequencies.

This said, however, I am inclined to embrace my original inspired realization that the harmonic tones of the light of the sun and the light of love are comprised of relative frequencies  –  seven in number –  and since our physical bodies are created by love from out of the vibrational substances of  light and sound, and are positioned at the crossover point between these two entities of sunlight and lovelight,  the frequencies of the sacred energy sites of the seven endocrine glands and the seven Chakra are relative harmonics of the tones of these two luminous realities.   Indeed, they are prisms for refracting the light of the Spirit of Love into seven spirits and the light of the sun into seven colors and musical pitches.

This is what I mean by the term “sacred anatomy” in my book by the same name.   All of the anatomy of our body temples is sacred and connected to everything in heaven above and earth below, as are all things in the Universe.   So, I’m not saying anything new here.   I only wish to emphasize the special role the seven hormonal glands of our endocrine system play, in concert with the seven chakras, grounding sacred energy and therein bringing the Creator in touch with Creation . . . God incarnate in human flesh.  Is there anything more special, more mystical and mysterious, more enjoyable than this?!  We have the best seat in the House of many mansions to enjoy the Symphony of the Music of the Spheres.

Is not this something worth being and living in attunement with?!  Worth keeping my heart and mind a sea of glass clear as crystal and mingled with the fire of my love for life?!  Surely it is.

Finding Center

How to do that and still live in the world of turmoil and strife?  The key lies in finding the still point of one’s turning world.  For once one finds it, one will never want to leave it, and once it finds you it will never let you leave it.  One can find it through attunement.  One can find it through meditation.  Of this be assured:  while you are looking for it, it is looking for you, for a creation without a creator is impossible and will always seek out its origins for sovereign benediction and for attunement with the Light of the Creator. Creation also seeks its creator for change and renewal.  Should it not find its creator, it will disintegrate without the blessing of its creator, and that is truly sad. This is why evening and morning sanctification, where one takes one’s world into one’s heart and hands for blessing and forgiveness, is so uplifting, because it is also centering.

I’m not going anywhere

I start an attunement session by asking the client to come into the present moment completely with no thought of doing or accomplishing anything other than simply coming into the present moment and being now here.  Putting these two words together we have nowhere.  To help them I suggest they get in touch with the feeling that they will be here for the rest of their life with nothing demanding their attention, either from yesterday or tomorrow, not even in the immediate future after the session.  Be here now forever.   I take that attitude myself so that I can offer the greatest possible blessing as a clear and open channel.  I then assist them through the attunement process to come to that place where this is the truth of the matter, for the here and now can be taken into every moment of life.   Or, more accurately stated, every moment of living can be brought into the here and now.

So thoroughly can one become absorbed into the here and now and be present in the center of one’s turning world that one can lose the sense of going anywhere, as on a journey, and gain the sense that somewhere is always coming to nowhere, to where I am.  One may have to don an automobile or a jet liner to accomplish this task, just as one had to don a physical body in order to walk in this world of space and time.   But one no longer sees oneself as moving out of the present moment, here and now at the center on one’s revolving world.


_NealeDWalsch once wrote:   Every Now Moment is a glorious gift from God.  That’s why it is called the present.


In this simple change in perspective is the resolution of all forms of stress, for it puts to rest the desire to be somewhere other than where one is now, and to have anything more than what one has now.   All things come to one who waits patiently upon the creative cycles that move one’s world inexorably toward the center where I am . . . and it all comes at a rate and quantity I can handle appropriately and successfully with the greatest of ease and to the blessing to all concerned.   It does so in glad response to the love I have and show for my world unconditionally.  Above all, this inner climate of peace and assurance helps create of mind and heart a sea of glass clear as crystal mingled with fire through which nothing moving in my world can come near to hurt me.  For even those things I bless with thankfulness and absolution without reaction or judgment.  Let my heart be a sea of glass mingled with fire.   Fin

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  1. Thank you, brother, for sharing this with me today. As I read it I felt an awakened understanding and appreciation of you and your beautiful gift to the creation thru this practice. You have always been my ‘avatar’lighting the way for the creation of the New Earth.
    I Love you with eternal awe and gratitude!

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